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White handheld bidet sprayer in toilet bathroom

Well, ONE PERSON is the winner of the $2 billion Powerball jackpot – and it wasn’t me! I chased it this time, but out of about a dozen tickets over two weeks I got three numbers. Not in the right place, or even on the same ticket. I did win four dollars on one, though – so it wasn’t a total loss. (insert sarcastic emoji face here)

In August I told you what I would REALLY do with that kind of money – $1.2 billion (Mega Millions) at the time.

According to a survey, 24% of people say they’d “invest” most of the money, 20% say they’d drop most of it in their savings, 18% say they’d give a majority of it to friends and family, and 11% say they’d give most of it away to charity. A small 8% say they’d just “spend it.”  Another 8% selected “Other,” which is intriguing.  And 12% said they aren’t sure(???).

We always talk about those GOOD things we’d do with the money, like giving to to friends and family, and donating to charity – which we all SHOULD do, and I WOULD do – because those really are the important things. And because $2 BILLION dollars would help so many people I know, and so many organizations that need it.

I also know that having a totally disposable amount of money would allow me to kick into really eccentric mode, and there are a few things I’d do, just because I CAN.

Some things I (Carla Rea) would REALLY Do If I Won a $2 Billion Dollars:

1. Put Toto toilets in every room of my house

2. Move to a private island and walk around naked without anyone judging me. (Which I do anyhow. In my own home. Unless I don’t feel like putting clothes on to get the Amazon delivery off my porch)

3. Singlehandedly make malls popular again, and re-open Casual Corner, Oak Tree and Wicks and Sticks

4. Buy and re-open all Sizzler restaurants.

5. Take my private plane to the mailbox.

6. Make sure another AVATAR movie can never be released

7. Buy bottled water from Whole Foods. Actually, but ANYTHING from Whole Foods.

8. Buy a small house in Laguna Beach, and use the rest for lunch.

9. Have Looking Glass write a follow up to the song “Brandy,” so I can find out what happened to Brandy. Did she make someone a good wife?

11. Make the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile my primary car

12. Hire a mint muddler for my Mojitos

12. Build a whole new Planet Earth.