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This isn’t the usual stuffing you see in November – The TSA tweeted out pictures after a woman flying from Fort Lauderdale to Haiti got caught at the airport, wait for it – – trying to smuggle a GUN through security by stuffing it inside an uncooked chicken.   They haven’t released X-rays of it, which have to be hilarious, but they did post four pictures of the gun being removed from the bird.

The TSA had some fun with the wording in their post.  They called it a “personal FOWL,” and said it was a huge “BASTE of time,” and told other people not to “WING it” when traveling with firearms.

A restaurant chain called Karen’s Diner opened last year as a joke about the whole ‘Angry Karen’ thing. Their motto is “Great Burgers and Very Rude Service.”  Basically, they’re overly rude to customers. You can complain all you want, because they don’t care. But – you get to be rude back.

Karen’s Diner is in the news again, and not for the best reason. Employees claim it’s an unsafe work environment. They say customers constantly threaten and harass the servers, and even get violent.  But when they told management, they didn’t seem to care.

Lake County, Florida police recently arrested a woman, who tried to pass herself off as her daughter. Conlinda Riley was doing 50 mph in a 30 mph zone. She told cops she did not have a driver’s license and then gave them her daughter’s name and birthday – who is 23 years old. Riley is 43. BUSTED! Police looked up her daughter’s driver’s license picture, and Riley was arrested for driving without a license and giving a false name, and speeding!

A thief stole $1,000 worth of wine from a Clayton, Missouri wine store. A priest returned the wine along with an apology note from the thief.: “I am very sorry for my actions and there is no excuse for my behavior.” Police have no plans to prosecute because the wine was returned, and the priest is refusing to identify the thief. Bless you, Father.