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It’s a simple question: Can you eat breakfast at anytime during the day? For example, eating bacon and eggs for dinner…or steak and potatoes for breakfast? It’s what The Mike & Carla Morning Show was talking about this morning and it seems some people have a line they just won’t cross when it comes to their food.

While others, like Carla Rea, don’t like it when their food touches each other on a plate, others really don’t care. Like Mike O’Brian doesn’t have a problem creating a little crater in his mashed potatoes and filling it with corn! If fact, a lot of people love to do that!

But when it comes to the daily time zones, are you particular about what you eat at certain times during the day. Brought up the example of bacon and eggs after 10am…now some listeners didn’t have a problem with that while others thought you were from another planet for even suggesting that.

Then of course some listeners brought up pizza…the perfect example of a food that is great for lunch or dinner! And when it comes to leftovers…nuking a few pieces in the morning just seems the perfect way to start the day!

Clearly others have a strict regiment about eating certain foods during certain times of the day…but if you think back as a kid, cereal was the best no matter what time is was! Heck, how many times have you ordered “steak and eggs”? Then the question becomes, which is the entrée, the eggs or the steak itself.

Yes! These are the issues that we are tackling in the morning…that’s why when The M&C Morning Show open the text lines, everyone had something to say about and the reasons why they felt that way. So listen to the segments, tell what you think…and enjoy!

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