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Shot in the keister - need a pillow.

Jeffery Carl broke into a house near Dayton, Ohio, around 3am in the morning and started stealing guns, and musical equipment.  But he stopped suddenly when the owner – who’s partially blind – shot him in the BUTT! It turns out he actually knows the intruder. It doesn’t sound like they’re related, but Jeffery told the cops the guy’s like an uncle to him – then WHY DID YOU BREAK IN??  The homeowner was in the hospital – But, he didn’t know he’d gotten home the night before! The guy told 911 he fired one shot at the burglar, but didn’t know if he hit him or not, cause – blindness. He said the burglar was coming right at him when he fired. Cops followed a trail of blood down the street and found Jeffery hiding out in a shed. He was planning to sell whatever he stole to buy drugs. He ‘s facing burglary charges.

ESPN’s Marty Smith has one of the most recognizable voices on the network.  Now he’s known for something else – the Guinness World Record for longest successful cornhole toss – 76 FEET! YEEEEEEE-HAAAA!! Smith set the record after a long series of attempts during the SEC Network pregame coverage ahead of Georgia’s big win over Tennessee. The fact that Marty’s shirt stayed tucked in might be the more impressive thing.

A cop from New York spotted a wanted fugitive from New York while they were both at Disney World, Orlando, last month.  The guy’s now in jail, awaiting trial for allegedly stealing $150,000 in covid relief funds. Not classy, dude, not classy.

Courtney Luna, of California, claims she’s lost 30 pounds on a diet of bacon butter burgers. She says the diet has also wiped out her acne and helped cure her of her anxiety. Courtney started the diet six months ago.  She has two quarter pounder burgers with three tablespoons of butter for breakfast and another burger for lunch. Courtney has steak, ice cream and egg yolks for dinner. She hopes to lose another 30 pounds.  I CALL BS!!