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If you haven’t done it already, make sure to get your order in for your “pickle” scented candle to celebrate National “Pickle Day” on November 14th. The Mike & Carla Morning Show brings this up so you have yours in time for the holidays!

In an article featured in Food & Wine, the candle actually looks like a jar of pickles and sells for $29.00. According to the article,  “It was a no-brainer for us,” Brett Castle, Vlasic’s brand director, stated. Vlasic will put them out there on the 14th just to celebrate National Pickle Day…so you won’t be able to order them until then. However, the article tells you where you can actually find them online available for pre-order.

Now as weird as this might seem, Vlasic is not the only food source to get into the “scented” candle business…places like McDonald’s, Miller Lite, Ikea, Campbell’s, Shake Shack, General Mills, and Chipotle all have a candle that when you light it, reminds you of their specific product! Yes, all these companies and more have candles to offer up…it’s amazing at how this has become so huge!

Think of it as the perfect gift for that person you know who just loves pickles! That person who claims to have everything they need and hard to buy for…surprise them this year! So instead of getting a holiday headache trying to think of something clever to buy your co-worker for the company Christmas party, family member or friend, , we think we just gave you the perfect idea.

Listen to the segment this morning for more details and other topics in the segment we know as “A Few Things We Think You Should Know”…and of course, there is always a scented candle with your name on it. So check out the segment from this morning and enjoy!

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