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As Vegas locals, one of our pet peeves is people who just stop walking in the middle of a casino, or a dead walking stop on the strip. KEEP IT MOVING!!!

According to an article published by CCN-Business, a tech startup in Pittsburgh, called Shift Robotics, has unveiled their new battery-powered shoes called Shift Moonwalkers, that make you walk 250% faster.  So to all the people at crosswalks who take forever to cross – please buy these!

They’re called “Shift Moonwalkers” and these powered-battery shoes kind of look like roller skates.  But they’re designed to let you walk like normal. Sounds very cool, and innovative, but I’ll believe it when I see it! Basically, you’re walking AND rolling at the same time, which sounds like a great idea – in THEORY.

They use A.I. to adapt to the way you walk, so you don’t trip or fall. You can’t drift in them. The description says: “Our AI uses machine learning algorithms to adapt to a user’s walking gaits, making them an extension of people’s legs.”  So they’re not like skates, or those “Heely” shoes with wheels that kids wear.  The wheels stay locked unless you’re walking.  So you can go up and down stairs in them – yeah, your spouse will LOVE that…  There’s also a feature to limit your top speed when you’re walking downhill – so you don’t turn into the best meme ever!

The downside is that they strap to your shoes, so they’re kind of bulky – and ugly. Kind of like the roller skates you had as kids, that you put on with your shoes on.  And the price tag will be around $1,400 – Whaaaaa???  

They’re available for pre-order on Kickstarter for a little less than that right now and ship in March. Possibly in time for St, Patrick’s Day, so you can roll on home after a few green beers.

I say let’s put a Kardashian in them first – THEN the rest of us will try them.

-Carla Rea