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Every year we seem to have the same conversation, how you are going to be handing out Halloween candy to the kids. The Mike & Carla Morning Show brought this up and it’s amazing on how many people have different rules when it comes to handing out the treats!

It seems to breakdown to age groups, costumes, and if they even say “…trick or treat” when you open the door! Now according to an article published by Sun Outdoors, there are six creative ways to make the candy available to kids. In fact, all six ways seem like a lot of fun, but we think the downside is that you might be causing a backup at the house if some homes actually use some of these ideas.

Some callers on The M&C Morning Show rewarded those with homemade costumes siting originality as a reason to reward those that took the time to be creative when it came to their costumes. Other said that they started out rationing the treats, hoping to make them last, but as time when on, they would just start putting handfuls of candy into bag just to rid the house of the sweets!

Of course if you are taking the kiddos out to grab some free candy all dressed up, it’s reported that the official hours for trick-or-treating in Las Vegas will be from 5pm-8pm. After that, you can shut it down or deliver to those late comers until you are rid of all the candy you think you will down if it’s not gone!

One reminder for sure, being that Halloween is on a “workday”, just be careful driving home…as it’s starting to get dark a little earlier now and kids are likely to be darting out to get across the streets from house to house. So listen to the segment from this morning, decide on which trick-or-treat you are in when it comes to handing out candy tonight and enjoy!

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Best Places To Celebrate Halloween: Las Vegas Tops The List

A list just came out of the best places to celebrate Halloween this year. And three places in Clark County landed in the top ten! The study is the ninth of its kind by SmartAsset, an online resource that provides consumer-focus financial information. The test measured 146 cities in the United States across ten metrics. The study measured Halloween festiveness, safety, weather and family-friendliness.

The safety aspect measured new Covid cases, violent crime and property crime. 43 cities in the United States fell below the national average in violent crime and 40 cities fell below the national average for property crime. There were 28 cities that landed below the average for both types of crimes, giving them the highest safety scores for Trick-or-Treaters.

The western states prevailed in many areas, especially weather. Arizona, California and Nevada ranked high on the list for the most comfortable Trick-or-Treating temperatures. Those scores helped all three states have three cities each in the top ten.

Arizona scored highest for Halloween weather along with family-friendliness and safety. California came out ahead for weather and festiveness. And the Battle Born state nailed the categories of Halloween festiveness and safety. Average Halloween temperature was not the only thing considered in this study. Average precipitation was also looked at. Which really helped Las Vegas, since we’re usually dry as a bone (sorry, not sorry) on Halloween.

The number one city on our list scored highest for festiveness for things like costume shops and Halloween candy stores. Out of 10,000 business, 54 costume shops were counted and 9 candy stores were counted. Candy stores included establishments that sold confectioneries and nuts. Costume shops counted included clothing accessory stores, formal wear and costume rental stores, and other clothing stores. Family-friendliness measured the percentage of people under the age of 14, among other things.

In the list of 146 cities, Las Vegas proper didn’t make the top five (she landed at #6), but two places in Clark County did. In fact, they came in at #1 and #2! Here are the top 5.

Wendy Rush, 96.3KKLZ Las Vegas

  • 5. Fontana, CA

    Daytime aerial view of the city center of Fontana, California.

    Fontana, California came in at #5 on the list of Best Places To Celebrate Halloween. Scores (out of 100): Family Friendliness: 90.37, Safety: 59.38, Halloween Weather Index: 87.21, Candy and Costume index of 66.67.

  • 4. Chula Vista, CA

    Houses, roofs and the mountain, Chula Vista, California, USA. High quality photo

    Chula Vista, Ca landed at #4 on the list of Best Places To Celebrate Halloween. Family Friendliness index of 66.01, Safety score of 70.79, Halloween Weather Index: 94.19, and a Candy and Costume index of 73.33.

  • 3. Gilbert, AZ

    Top view of golf course in desert landscape, Arizona, USA.

    Gilbert, AZ grabbed the #3 spot on the list of Best Places To Celebrate Halloween. They scored incredible high on Family Friendliness and Halloween Weather indexes (100 out of 100 each) and got a 91.88 on safety. They would have been a shoo-in for the #1 spot but they were dragged way down by their lack of Candy and Costumes stores. They only got 33.70 on that one, which brought down their overall score.

  • 2. Henderson, NV

    Ariel view of Henderson NV

    Coming in at #2 on the list of Best Places to Celebrate Halloween is Henderson, NV. Scores (out of 100): Family Friendliness: 70.25, Halloween Weather Index: 82.95, Candy and Costume index of 98.89. And Henderson landed the top spot for safety with a score of 100.

  • 1. North Las Vegas, NV

    North Las Vegas Mountains

    And the #1 spot on the list of Best Places to Celebrate Halloween goes to North Las Vegas, NV. With a Family Friendliness index of 81.87, Safety score of 88.78, Halloween Weather Index: 82.95, and a Candy and Costume index of 98.89.

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