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It’s the time of the season and we want to know what scary movie you watch on Halloween! We all have seasonal movies that we watch during that time of the year…at Christmas, it might be “A Christmas Story” or at Thanksgiving it might be “Planes, Trains and Automobiles”. So that’s what The Mike & Carla Morning Show wanted to know this morning…what movie do you watch on Halloween.

M&C found out that like Christmas, when it comes down to Halloween, everyone has “that” movie that they put on to watch and be scared all over again. Carla Rea mentioned the movie classic Alfred Hitchcock’s “Psycho”! Truly a freaky movie of it’s time and she also through in “Carrie” for those that want something a little gory!

Vegas Film Critic Jeff Howard came in early on this Friday to join M&C for this segment and being it’s his favorite time of the year, he suggested a couple of movies that you might want to watch! Jeff suggested “Motel Hell” if you need something to start your Halloween tradition. The movie “Ma” also came up and Jeff even agreed that this one might be one on your list as well. Not that it’s that scary, but like the movie “Get Out”, it’s a little freaky!

The great thing about these movies, no matter how many times you’ve seen them, they tend to do the same trick each and every year! You tend to go to bed with the lights on and maybe the radio still on…we all have one or two that are a “must” at this time of the year. If you do think of one, by all means reach out to us and let us know what movie it is for you.

Enjoy the segment from this morning and…HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

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The 5 Best 'Halloween' Movies To Watch With Kids

During this Halloween season, we would like to suggest a few scary movies you can actually watch with the kids. But before we get to that, we have to mention that there is one movie out there that is actually making people sick and pass out in the theaters!

It’s a movie that everyone is talking about all over social media! In fact,  The Mike & Carla Morning Show brought it up this morning…the movie is “Terrifier 2” and according to those that have seen it, it’s making people vomit and some even pass out in the theater! Now The M&C Morning Show might have found out why people are reacting to this movie as they are…and it might not have anything to do with the flick itself!

Halloween Movies Kids Can Watch!

However, if you are looking for a few “kid-friendly” Halloween movies for the kids this year, The Hollywood Reporter put together a list of 23 movies you might want to plan on watching with the kids! Now some you have probably seen before, but they never get old and being that time of the year, they just seem better and more fun to watch!

Now some of the titles that are still relevant, but didn’t make the Top 5…we’re talking about movies like “Casper” from 1995 that finally hit the big screen after being a Saturday morning cartoon for how long? “Gremlins” is always a good one to plug in for the kids…we mean what can be that scary when it’s about little furry characters? If this one is not already on your list, it should be, “The Nightmare Before Christmas”!

“Monsters Inc.” and “Hotel Transylvania” also made the list of 23, and being animated greats, both should be on your list to watch. These are all movies that you can watch with your kids and have a great time with…but let’s get to it, what made it into the Top 5?

After listening to the segment highlighting the one movie making everyone sick and pass out, then scroll down to see what Halloween movies made the Top 5 to watch…and enjoy!


    Has to be one of the all time best movies to watch during Halloween or not…the original came out in 1984 with an all-star cast and is still a fun movie to watch with the entire family!


    It’s a Disney, so you know right off the bat its meant for the entire family and always a good one to watch during Halloween with the family…coming in at #4 on the list!

    Halloweentown | Disney Channel | Who better to kick off spooky season on #DisneyChannel than the wonderful Kimberly J. Brown? She's here to help get you in the spirit by answering all... | By Disney Channel | Facebook

    14 万 views, 7,311 likes, 3,264 loves, 326 comments, 1,438 shares, Facebook Watch Videos from Disney Channel: Who better to kick off spooky season on #DisneyChannel than the wonderful Kimberly J....


    You might have to explain this one to the kids, but it’s worth it! Great cast, a lot of fun to watch and although the kids will like it, there are enough lines in this to keep the adults interested…coming in at #3!

    When was the last time YOU danced The Mamushka? Watch The Addams Family now on 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray!

    Posted by The Addams Family on Friday, November 26, 2021

    Such a great movie that could have been easily #1 on this list…once again, like the other movies, a great cast, lots of fun to watch and such memorable lines and scenes in this classic! Surely that’s why it comes in at #2!


    There is a reason this movie continues to be a cult classic that every kid should see! With all the recent hype of “Hocus Pocu 2”, you really need to see this one first and you will not regret it…that’s why families watch it over and over again each year at about this time!

    Your favorite witches are back! Bring home Hocus Pocus for the first time in bewitching 4K Ultra HD on 9/15

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