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It’s getting to be that time of the year, so just in time, Walmart has added a new holiday service we can all use! The mega store giant is adding service to put up lights on your house…and the reason The Mike & Carla Morning Show brought this up, after last year, it’s one service Mike O’Brian can use!

If you missed it, as Mike was putting up Christmas lights on the house last year, he actually fell off the ladder. Now, there were no life threatening injuries, in fact the embarrassment was a little more damaging than anything. Thank God he survived, but he’s actually looking for someone to do this year, so this news is GREAT!

Clearly this isn’t anything new for Walmart since they came out a couple of years to announce the service, but it’s good news for a lot of people and it’s actually affordable! Compared to some private businesses that advertise to do it, check the updated prices, but according to the article, you might be able to get this done for under $200.00!

Listen, everyone wants their home to look festive inside and out when it comes time for the holidays…and if you can find someone else to do the job and do it better, then why not! No reason to go all “Griswold” on your house, but you would like it to look nice right?

So to each their own…you take care of the inside of the house and let someone else take care of the outside. This we know, it’ll probably be a lot safer for everyone if you hire someone to do it than trying to do it yourself MIKE O’BRIAN!

So listen to the segment from this morning, plus a few other topics that came up in “A Few Things We Think You Should Know” this morning on The M&C Morning Show…and enjoy!

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