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High inflation is certainly putting a hurt on all of us. It makes it tougher to afford groceries, new clothes, gas for your vehicle, and paying the rent or mortgage. It’s tough all around. But when each of us is feeling that inflation crunch, it also makes it tougher for us to help out the less fortunate in our community through donations to local charities.

According to an article posted by Dani Masten on, charitable organizations such as Three Square Food Bank, Baby’s Bounty, and The Salvation Army of Southern Nevada, are finding it much more difficult to fulfill the needs of families who can’t afford to put food on the table. In fact, Three Square is one of the food pantries that supplies the Salvation Army, and other Las Vegas charitable organizations, with groceries, and they are feeling the pinch too.

These organizations rely heavily on donations from the general public, especially when it comes to food. That is the most requested need for the less fortunate in Southern Nevada who are being hit hard by high inflation. Per Masten’s article, a non-profit like Baby’s Bounty “said they are feeling the impacts of inflation but are still able to serve all the babies in need,” thanks in part to the influx of funds disbursed on the state level. Not all non-profits are funded in that manner.

So, if you are feeling blessed during these tough times, here are some links to click on which will send you right to the donation pages of the charitable organizations mentioned in this article:

Three Square Food Bank

The Salvation Army Southern Nevada

Baby’s Bounty


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This Is The Highest Rated "Cheap Eats" Restaurant In Las Vegas

Who doesn’t love cheap eats?

Let us rephrase this. Who doesn’t love a cheap meal that tastes amazing?

As inflation creeps up, finding cheap eats is getting more and more difficult.

According to a recent report by the Associated Press, the Federal Reserve is expected to announce one of the largest interest hikes since 1994.

This is a bigger increase than previously projected, according to the AP, and is a signal that “the central bank is struggling to restrain stubbornly high inflation.”

Along with this, the cost of food has shot up, which means that everything in the supply chain will feel the affects from it. And trust us, our regular orders at our go-to places have increased in price! Consumers have also changed their shopping habits, especially at the grocery store, due to rising inflation, according to CNBC.

Plus, people are getting more concerned about food prices. In a survey conducted by The Harris Poll and Alpha Foods, 90% of Americans are concerned about food prices.

Prices of the foundations in the food pyramid such as meat, oils, grains and wheat have increased. And this is due to many factors such as the rising cost of fertilizer and energy, according to CNBC. There also have been food-export bans and disruptions from nations that supply wheat, oats, sugar, and palm oil, which are in most — if not all — foods.

With all of this being said, it’s harder than ever to find a cheap meal that satisfies our hunger.

And although Las Vegas is thought to be a city of exclusive dining and expensive restaurant bills, we’re here to prove this stereotype wrong!

Las Vegas is home to rich cultural communities with microcosms of authentic, local and cost-effective eateries.

In fact, Stacker created a ranked list of the highest-rated restaurants in Las Vegas that are listed as “cheap eats” on Tripadvisor. So, we knew that we had to highlight the top 10 that made the list.

Check out this list to see what eatery made the #1 spot for Las Vegas‘ best, cheap eatery.