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It doesn’t even matter if it’s that time of the season, no one likes fruitcake more that one Carla Rea! It’s been the topic of conversation over the years on The Mike & Carla Morning Show and it’s a well known fact that Carla LOVES fruitcake!

While others might use it as a door stop, Carla relishes this holiday delight and even goes out in search of the best fruitcake in the valley! She even tells the story of how some friends got her a fruitcake as a joke, but the joke was on them when she feasted on the loaf for weeks over the holidays.

According to a recent article on fruitcake put out by Mental Floss, it seems as if the cake it very much misunderstood and to read this article is to appreciate this once a year favorite! It’s a Royal favorite in England and, compared to the Twinkie, can stay fresh and eatable for up to 25 years! Now c’mon, is that not the best?

The other fact that the average fruitcake does have a bit of booze as one of the more important ingredients, which would have nothing to do with Carla loving fruitcake as she does…or maybe it does.

Listen, when it comes to the holidays, all the rules are thrown out the window and things we’re not real fans of the rest of the year, all of a sudden we are right there asking for seconds…and we have a feeling this is one of those things. While most would deny their love, we have a feeling there are a lot of those people that will sneak a slice after hours with the lights low and everyone sleeping.

Now Chef Fleming, of “Fleming’s Bake Shop” in Henderson on Water Street has been a fan of The M&C Show for quite a while and this morning called in to find out how many fruitcakes Ms. Carla would be ordering this year! enjoy the segment and Happy Holidays!

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All I Want For Christmas Is You, Plus 20 Gift Ideas For Your Significant Other

If there’s something here you decide you just have to have, we’ve provided links to the product websites. If you click on the link and make a purchase, Beasley Media Group may earn a commission. Have an idea for a fun theme for a gift idea list you’d like us to create? Drop us a line at 


How do you show the person you love the most just how much you care for them, through a gift. Well, we’ve got some great inspiration coming your way. Check out our top picks for practical, sentimental, and even humorous gift ideas for your number one person.


  • 1. Matching Watches

    Go out in style with these matching watches. A deal for two with his-and-hers option in silver and gold to match any outfit for any occasion. 

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  • 2. Keepsake Hands Casting Kit

    Immortalize your hand holding with this beautiful plaster design. This plaster kit gives you a real-life replica of what your hands holding together looks like and shows your love to anyone who views it. 

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  • 3. Custom Map Art, Hello, Will You, I Do

    Home is where the heart is but the heart travels for special moments sometimes. Pick out your top locations of where you met, where you asked/were asked and where you said “I do” in this adorable black and white printed map to those precious spots. 

  • 4. Coffee Mugs - I Like His Beard & I Like Her Butt

    It is okay to be superficial sometimes! This set of couple’s mugs to tell them what you really think is the perfect joke to unwrap together. 

  • 5. Engraved Picture Wallet Insert

    Never leave home without your person with you again. This engraved picture will last alongside your other wallet items and not wear out like other pictures do. Customize the message on the back for an extra personal touch. 

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  • 6. A Place For Everything - Customized Wooden Console

    Never have to be annoyed by that question again: “Honey, do you know where my *blank* is??” This console gives a rustic vibe and forces organization of all the important items you need before leaving the house. 

    Get It Now From from Etsy
  • 7. Birthstone Ring

    The mother of your children deserves a little recognition. Afterall the greatest gift she ever gives you will always be your children. Personalize this stunning ring for her to include your children’s birthstones in birth order or customized to your liking. 

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  • 8. Personalised Golf Ball Wall Art Collector

    If your significant other collects golf balls, this option is perfect for them to display them all with pride. 

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  • 9. Engraved Wooden Picture Pendant

    This adorable personalized gift gives any signifcant other the option to display your face as close to your heart as possible. Choose a couple picture or just one of you to remind them how much you love them.

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  • 10. Our Song - Customized Song Plaque

    Choose your favorite song or couple song for this captivating display of your love. Includes a QR code for easy access to listening.

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  • 11. Infinity Necklace For Mom With Kids Names

    This infinity necklace allows mom to display all the names most precious to her. Choose up to four circles per necklace to include the whole fam!

  • 12. We Belong Together Pillowcases

    Sleep soundly with these pillowcases for you and your special someone. I personally adore how the print is close together in the design, just like your love for one another. 

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  • 13. Coca-Cola Mini Fridge

    Shape up the man-cave or she-shed with this mini fridge for all your beverage needs. This vintage Coca-Cola design is super cute and holds up to six cans of your choice soda (or something stronger…).

    Snag One Here on Etsy
  • 14. Personalized Family Recipe Binder

    This beautifully designed recipe binder will have their favorite recipes at fingertips reach and have them thinking of you each time they pull it out. Comes in a wood finish with four stunning options to choose from.

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  • 15. Custom Watercolor Painting

    Have a meaningful image of your family, your significant other, or the two of you into a endearing watercolor piece of art. Something to cherish in your home forever. 

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  • 16. The Adventure Challenge Book For Couples

    This book is full of awesome ideas for you and your person to adventure on together. These prompts will leave you feeling exhilarated and spontaneous for days and can range from cheap to expensive but comes with a guide to help you choose for your own budget. Remember to take pictures and journal your experiences to complete the challenge. 

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  • 17. Engraved Leather Folded Wallet

    Keep your handwritten message close to them every day with this stunning engraved genuine leather wallet. This wallet comes with 8 credit card slots and a slot of cash, this folded design is great for anyone’s day to day wallet needs but lets them feel a little extra special each time they open it up. 

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  • 18. Custom Heart Music Box with 60+ tunes available

    This tiny music box can play up to 60 songs and is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face. With that many songs available, we are sure you will find one that means something extra to you and your person. 

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  • 19. 14K Gold Locket Necklace with Photo

    Choose from their favorite metal of sterling silver, gold or rose gold. This simple, elegant locket allows you to place an image inside to always hold close to their heart. This stunning piece is sure to turn heads!

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  • 20. Engraved Leather Watchband

    Always have your message to your loved one on their wrist for them to see and cherish all day long. This personalized watchband is the perfect upgrade to any watch option. 


Please note that items are in stock and prices are accurate at the time we published this list. Have an idea for a fun theme for a gift idea list you’d like us to create?  Drop us a line at