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The wait is over.  Queen just officially released their new song featuring the vocals of Freddie Mercury at 6:15 a.m. Eastern time this morning.  The Mike & Carla Morning Show had talked about this song a couple of days ago airing a clip of the song, but this morning, M&C played it in it’s entirety and wanted to know what listeners thought. The song is called “Face It Alone“.

Now keep in mind that this was a song recorded during sessions for Queen’s 1989 album “The Miracle” Brian May says their engineers crafted parts together, so the song could be saved. If you missed it this morning, listen to the segment from this morning and checkout what some fans had to say about it.

The song is definitely very “Freddie Mercury” and quite haunting as some listeners talked about their thoughts on the new track. “The Miracle” was the band’s thirteenth studio and released on the 22nd of  May back in 1989. Now real hits to speak of with the best of Queen yet to come. In fact, if you “google” the album, you won’t even find this song on the album which makes it all that much more eerie.

When you talk about the band’s music library, the song “Bohemian Rhapsody” comes up the most as their best song to date…when asked what the master piece was about, lead singer Freddie Mercury would simply say, “…I don’t know!” 

What made Mercury’s voice so good, a question a lot of people would ask and it was simple…he actually had the ability to mix highs, lows and ever mid range notes in one cohesive manner with with incredible precision! Add in the fast vibrato and the harmonics of his voice….not to mention he did all this with little effort on his part! Freddie was one of a kind at the time and still remains one of the best in rock-n-roll!

So enjoy the segment from this morning and the new song from Queen featuring the vocals of Freddie Mercury!

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