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Hurricane Ian was a horrible, destructive hurricane, and a horrible tragedy. It left behind billons of dollars of damage. Homes and lives were destroyed, and people will be rebuilding those lives for a long time.

Thousands of volunteers have been helping with disaster clean-up, and relief, and suffice it to say, it’s very tough at times, and sometimes you need – and find – something that makes you smile.

This was definitely that moment. In the middle of a the disaster, volunteers near Fort Myers were cleaning up, and searching through rubble, when they found a piano that was carried away from someone’s house by the surging floodwaters.

This piano most likely went through a lot to get where it was, but it was still playable! So two of the volunteers took a break to sit down and play it. One gave it a good shot, but the second one was really good.  He played the classic rhythm and blues song, “Kansas City”.

-Carla Rea