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Foodies! There’s a new spot opening in Henderson this weekend that will feature dry-aged beef, chicken, pork, fish, and even vegan options as well.

According to an article posted by Janna Karel on, chef and owner Matthew Meyer will be opening 138° at the same location as his previous restaurant, Served Global Dining. Opening night is this Saturday, October 15th, serving dinner from 5pm-10pm. Brunch service will begin the following Saturday, October 22nd, with lunch service soon after that.

Per Karel’s article, the chef has instituted an in-house dry aging process for beef sourced from Nevada ranchers and other local producers. Protein-based menu items will be cooked on a woodfire grill.

The 138restaurant website does not show too much as of yet, except for their logo and this tagline: “Craft Steaks. Killer Burgers. Bourbon + Brunch.” The posting on does show photos of some of the featured menu items for the new eatery, which will be located at 1450 W. Horizon Ridge Parkway, Suite C-205 in Henderson.

Meyer explains that the restaurant’s in-house dry-aging process will condense the flavors in the proteins on the menu because it removes most of the moisture. Karel’s article quotes him as saying: “Over time, bacteria and enzymes in the meat break down and you get different flavors that can be nutty, or like truffle, blue cheese, and buttery popcorn.”

Some of the featured menu items include shrimp and grits, chilled lobster borscht, seed-crusted lamb loin, and a house burger made with brie and an A-1 style steak sauce. Bon appetit!


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This Is The Best Steak House In Las Vegas

Las Vegas culinary menu has some of the best meats for the richest carnivorous cravings. From fine dining restaurants, established food trucks and local hole-in-the-walls, there are plenty of options to serve your hunger.

The entertainment capital of the world serves some of the freshest and finest slices of meat from sea to sea. Weather you eat your meat boiled, deep fat fried, or oven roasted the cooking styles are endless.

Moist heat or dry heat are the two most common cooking methods which define your style of meat consumption. Vegas is anything but short on meat and the best restaurant chosen by serves every plate up to perfection.

Gordon Ramsay Steak, is known for their “famous dishes and fine ambiance.” This posh steakhouse opened in Las Vegas in 2012, and has grown a fanbase of locals and tourists alike. The restaurant offers a bar, lounge and a two-story dining area.

If you’re looking to serve a party over 14, they offer a chef’s table and/or a private dining room. Two of their signature plates offer a 32 ounce royal-long bone chop, Beef Wellington or a triple seared Japanese A5 Kobe. What does A5 mean exactly?

Here is a short lesson on the Japanese rating system which categorizes beefs in an alphanumerical system. Beefs are grouped with a letter and a number to differentiate the type and quality of meat. The letter defines the quantity of useable meat from an animal where the number represents the colors, quality and distribution of the meat. Always remember that the number 5 is considered excellent where the number 3 is considered average.

The fine dining establishment also offers French-influenced sides and desserts. Their drink menu is expansive with red, white dessert wines, champagne, merlots, sauvignon blanc and more. A popular cocktail called HK Antioxidant cocktail features veev, acai liqueur, lemon and blueberries.

The smart-casual restaurant is located inside Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino, found between Le Salon des Tables and Champion Slots. They are open for dine in, take out and delivery and are open seven days a week for all of your meat desires.