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If you are a “cat” lover, then this is the music you have to listen to! The Mike & Carla Morning Show once again shared more amazing “cat” music with listeners from a musician with a popular YouTube channel called The Kiffness.

This guy basically records his neighbor’s cat that was standing at his door yowling.  He then goes ahead and adds percussion, reverb, keyboards, vocals, with some lyrics of what he believes the cat is trying to say. If you listen to it, it truly sounds like something you’d hear in an elevator somewhere.

Now this is not the first time The M&C Morning Show has air “cat” music on the show…a replay from a couple of months ago blew up the phones and text lines when we aired music of the same genre from the same guy.

According to listeners back then, it was very relaxing and most of the people that called in wouldn’t even have a problem playing it at home even if they didn’t have a cat! On the other hand, not sure what reaction you’ll get if indeed you do have a cat and play this music for them.

According to some experts, cats normally reacted most positively to classical type music, followed by pop. Now when it comes to heavy metal, it raises their heart rate and increases their pupil size; in other words, rock music stresses them out. As for when to play music for your kitty, any time is a good time…just don’t play it too loud.

So if you have a feline around the house, check out the segment from this morning, make sure you have your little furry friend close and see what he or she thinks about this new trend of music and enjoy!

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5 Reasons Why Black Cats Make The Best Pets

The black cat has gotten a really bad rap over the years. Some say the superstition against them has been around since the medieval period. But why? A few of them were in the wrong place at the wrong time? That forever linked their descendants to bad luck? Not cool. Also not universal. Black cats are actually good luck in some countries. There’s a superstition in England that says giving  one to a couple on their wedding day will bring the marriage good luck. A married couple with a black cat is expected to have a long and happy life together. The superstition also says that the cat in the home will scare away evil spirits. Japan has a similar positive connection to black cats and love. Their tradition is that a single woman who has a one will have her choice of suitors to pick from. Japan also has beliefs that a black cat will bring wealth and prosperity. French culture carries a similar belief.

And Russia takes the cake on cats being good luck for financial success. According to, there is a bank in Russia that will loan you a cat for two hours when you sign mortgage papers. The new homeowners are supposed to let the cat walk across their new threshold for good luck. The cat can be any color, even black. The bank owners believe a feline crossing the threshold will ensure the new borrowers will return the bank’s money with no issues. So a black cat in Russia is not only good luck, but banked on for good prosperity. See what I did there?

Superstitions or not, we think black cats make AMAZING pets. If you’ve never considered getting one, here are a few reasons we think you should.

Wendy Rush, 96.3KKLZ Las Vegas

  • 1. They are beautiful.


    Black cat lying in grass and looking directly at the camera.

    The contrast of a black cat’s dark coat with their bright eyes is gorgeous. Many have yellow eyes but there are some with blue as well. Also, their coats, when well cared-for, shine in a way cats of other colors just don’t.

  • 2. They're less likely to get sick.

    The veterinarian is examining the cat using a stethoscope.

    If you have ever owned a pet, you know those vet bills can add up. Well there’s a little-known secret that black cats are more disease-resilient than cats of other colors. That could mean less money out of your pocket.

  • 3. They're less likely to get eaten.

    black cat under black table looking at camera

    Black cats are great at camouflaging at night. And Las Vegas residents know coyotes in these parts are getting worse and worse. Your little black fur baby has a better chance at eluding these predators than their kitty counterparts.

  • 4. They're less likely to get stolen.

    Homeless cat on the street. Concept of caring and helping animals

    This is where that bad black kitty stigma is a good thing. Because some people are superstitious against them, they’re not as likely to get stolen if they’re out wandering around. And some people swear they actually scare off would-be home invaders too.

  • 5. It's like having a mini panther!

    large studio shot of black cat faces

    There aren’t many breeds of domestic cat that mimics the coloring of their wild counterparts. The black cat is one of the few who actually look like a mini version of a big cat. And let’s face it…with Min Pins and Teacup Poodles, aren’t minis where it’s at these days? When someone asks what kind of cat you have, you can say “A Min Pan” (mini pather). 😀