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TikTok is debating how to put socks and shoes on.  Like, do you put both socks on first?  And do you tie both shoes at the end, or one at a time?  The Mike & Carla Morning Show found this very interesting and wanted to get an idea of how listeners actually put their shoes and socks on!

It seems like a dumb question, but it turns out people do it differently.  Like, do you put both socks on first?  And do you tie both shoes at the very end, or complete one shoe before you put the second one on?

Now this question dates back decades and to prove it, The M& C Morning Show actually shared audio from the t.v. show “All In The Family” where one episode actually focused on this very topic back in  70s! However, the most popular option seems to be:  Sock, sock . . . shoe, tie . . . shoe, tie.

There are lots of possible combinations, but these three seem to be the main ones people are talking about . . .

1.  Sock, sock . . . shoe, shoe . . . then tie both at the end.

2.  Sock, shoe . . . sock, shoe . . . tie, tie.

3.  Sock, sock . . . shoe, tie . . . shoe, tie.

It has become quite the conundrum for a lot of people, but some how we all figure it out…however, some listeners started adding in a grunt here and there. So in all actuality it would end up being sock-sock-grunt-shoe-grunt-shoe-tie-tie-then heavy sigh!

Last we checked, the third option was the most popular:  Sock, sock . . . shoe, tie . . . shoe, tie. In second place is:  Sock, sock . . . shoe, shoe . . . tie, tie.  Those two got about 90% of the vote combined.  Everyone else does it some other way.

Of course you can listen to the segment from this morning and make your own decision since we’re all adults right? And for the record, Mike O’Brian and Carla Rea do sock-sock-shoe-shoe-tie-tie!

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9 Pairs Of Golf Shoes To Help You Step Up Your Game

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  • Foot Joy FUEL

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  • Cole Haan Original Grand Golf Waterproof

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  • UA Draw Sport Spikeless Golf Shoes

    These shoes are getting good reviews on their comfort and ability to keep golfer’s feet nice and dry. Combine that with the spikeless design, this pair seems like a winner.

  • Skechers Canvas Slip On

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  • The Player’s Shoe

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  • PUMA Proadapt Alphacat

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  • UA Charged Draw RST Wide E Golf Shoes

    If you have wide feet, it’s often a struggle to find shoes, let alone golf shoesIf you’re going to play and even walk 18 holes, you definitely want shoes that are comfortable. Under Armour’s E Sizing shoes are built to better fit athletes with wide feet and could be the fit you’re looking for this season.

  • Johnston & Murphy Hybrid Golf Shoes

    This is a sharp pair of golf shoes. We’d expect nothing less from Johnston & Murphy, where they’ve been focused on high fashion footwear for over 170 years! They’re available in six color combinations.

  • Foot Joy Pro|SL BOA

    If you haven’t checked out a golf shoe with BOA ® Fit System, it would be worth a look. When I purchased a pair several years ago, I wasn’t sure what to expect but quickly fell in love with how easily you can adjust the fit with the dial on the heel of the shoe. BONUS: these are available in narrow, medium, wide, and extra-wide widths.

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