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Have you ever had that weekend where you meet total strangers and they become instant “friends”? That’s what happen with Carla Rea this past weekend while in Southern California, so The Mike & Carla Morning Show wanted to know has this happened to you?

Carla met some people, they all hit it off and before you know it, they’re inviting her to a birthday party the next night. Now she’s in Southern California, has no idea who these people are, but Carla being Carla, is not shy, they start talking and before you know, she’s in the circle of trust!

Even Mike O’Brian and his wife has met total strangers, then after a couple of “pops”, low and behold, they have a new set of friends! Of course when you hear the segment below, you’ll get a little more of that story…but has this happened to you?

Now some of the listeners who texted in made M&C aware of a new movie and after seeing this movie, they claim they will NEVER head out or go over to a stranger’s house under the guise of being “new” friends!

Just like that, you meet these people and before you know it, you’re at their house with their friends not knowing anyone and when people ask, “…how did you end up here?” Oh, we met last night at a bar! Yeah, sounds perfectly safe to us!

Well, listen to the segment from this morning and see what you think…and enjoy!

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