Vegas Strong: 1 October

It has been five years since the 2017, 1 October Route 91 Harvest festival shooting in Las Vegas. Survivors here in Las Vegas, and in other parts of the country are still trying to cope and fight through the lasting traumas caused by that horrific night.

Ahead of the anniversary of that night, “Flight of Healing,” a 10-foot-tall stainless-steel sculpture, created by two local residents and survivors of the October, 1st mass shooting, Sue Ann Cornwell and Alicia Mierke, will be unveiled tomorrow, September. 29th by Mayor Carolyn G. Goodman.

Sue Ann and Alicia, have served on the Las Vegas Community Healing Garden Committee since its inception, working to care for and tend the garden as volunteers. Our community finds so much hope and healing in the Healing Garden and they frequently about how much they appreciate all of those that keep it sacred and beautiful.

The sculpture is located in the Las Vegas Storytelling Garden, north of the Las Vegas Healing Garden, which was created in the days after the shooting as a place to honor the memory of those who lost their lives that night and for survivors to try to go for some peace and healing of their own.

“The butterflies represent healing and a guiding light, and in particular, the Monarch butterfly was chosen to symbolize a guardian angel.”

The project, a collaboration of the City of Las Vegas and the Las Vegas Community Healing Garden, was funded through the Mayor’s Fund for Las Vegas LIFE. To learn more about the Mayor’s Fund or make a donation, you can do so here.

Join the unveiling and show your support for our 1 October healing community on Thursday, September 29th at 10:00 a.m. at the Las Vegas Storytelling Garden, 1015 S. Casino Center Blvd.