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Carla in Hazmat suit so mosquitoes don't eat her alive

It’s the most beautiful time of the year in Las Vegas – FALL.  It’s so nice outside, and it’s just fun to finally be able to spend time outdoors once again.

You know what’s not fun? Getting eaten alive by mosquitos! Those evil little suckers have done a number on my legs, and it’s miserable!!  Why ME? What did I do? Why am I in itchy hell, and my friends are fine??

I’ve been digging deep into this matter, and it turns out I’m actually not the only one. Several people called in to the Mike and Carla Morning Showand said they were dealing with mosquitoes too. Apparently the very damp monsoon season we had in Las Vegas has contributed my red bumped, and itchy legs. Mosquitoes seem to like me. I get bit wherever I go, and it’s not pleasant!

There are a lot of misconceptions, and myths floating around out there for why mosquitoes bite me or you, and not other people.  Research suggests that the primary cause of my misfortune is blood type.  Doctors still don’t understand why or what the issue is with the blood type, but it’s typically type O blood that seems to attract them.

I wish I could talk to an actual mosquito, to see what turns them off, but I do thank our listeners for some of the suggestions on how to keep them away. I’m going to try each and every one of these!

-Dryer Sheets – leave some in the yard, tie them to belt loop. I’ll look funny, but maybe you won’t itch.

-Lemongrass, or lemon extract – mix with some water and spray the yard, or yourself.

-Catnip – sprinkle it in the yard. Now I would think they might like this, but apparently they do not.

-Listerine – good old fashioned mouthwash! Rub it on like lotion. I can’t stand Listerine, so I can’t imagine skeeters like it much either. But they have tiny mouths, so…

-Avon Skin So Soft – didn’t know it was still around. We used to use this when we were kids, and it worked like magic!

-Carla Rea