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You put it out on the curb hoping someone will take your junk and if they don’t, you feel like a loser! The Mike & Carla Morning Show opened the conversation with Carla Rea talking about her old table that she put out on the curb hoping someone would take it. Now luckily for her, someone did in record time and of course when that happens you feel like you’re a winner!

However, the conversation turned to those items that you put out on the street and, although the tv still works like brand new, even though you have a note on it that it works fine, it’s still sitting there two weeks later. Now Carla is not the only one that this has happened to…the phone and text lines blew up with listeners talking about their used furniture dilemmas!

The M&C Morning Show also gave out tips on what to do and what NOT to do to get people to take your stuff off the curb…including one guy who called up that said “…this is what I do”! This guy told us what people are looking for and even why! Things that The M&C Morning Show didn’t even think of…that can help all of us.

There was one listener who couldn’t understand why the perfectly almost brand new sleeper sofa had been on the street for at least a week! Well guess what? There’s a reason why people will not take a good sleeper sofa off the street for their own…and we bet you never even thought about this.

It’s all good information you need to know when putting something out on the curb that you think people will take in a matter of minutes, as oppose to those items you think will go right away that end up living there on the street for weeks.

Find out all the answers in this segment of “Why Won’t They Take My Junk” on The M&C Morning Show…enjoy!

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