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September 28 – National Ask A Stupid Question Day.

Results of research into the beginnings of National Ask a Stupid Question day doesn’t turn up much. The closest to an origin story for the holiday is that at some point in the 1980s, teachers dreamed it up to encourage their students to ask questions without fear – fear of ridicule from classmates, of a dismissive response from teachers, of any number of things.

We’ve all been there. Think back. It’s one of the times when the subject matter really peaks our curiosity, and there’s something we really want more information about, but we’re afraid that we’re the only one who doesn’t already “get it.” so we keep the question to ourselves. It’s unfortunate that intellectual curiosity is often frowned upon by the cool kids, and mean girls. But today – National Ask a Stupid Question Day – THERE ARE NO STUPID QUESTIONS!

How come a semi-permeable membrane only lets molecules through one way, and not equally on both sides? If a black hole can suck in light, why isn’t our whole solar system being drawn into one right now? When Johnny Tremain spilled that molten silver on his arm, why didn’t he pass out
from the pain? (I have no ideas what any of this says. an engineer gave me these questions)

To day is the day to set aside shyness and social fears, and go ahead and ask questions like these – ask them loudly and proudly!  Here are some of the questions I’ve asked, in silence – ok – IN THE SHOWER – that I never had the guts to ask out loud:


-Who was the first person to look at a beehive and think, “I’ll bet that goo would taste good.”

-Why is it when you’re young you’re worried about someone seeing you fall and break something, and when you’re older you hope someone saw you fall because you probably broke something.

-Do horses wonder why people are sitting on them?

-Why is it that when people are asked what they would bring to a deserted island, they never answer “a boat”?

-What time is wine o’clock?

-Why does The Miss Universe competition only have contestants from earth?

-If Mars does get colonized, will it eventually have its own accent?

-Do I have a personality, or symptoms?

-Is is more normal to be abnormal?

-Is family is the most important thing in life, or the “Forgot Password” button?

Ask a stupid question, get a  – oh forget it. At least for today!

-Carla Rea



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