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Have you ever noticed that, depending on what state you’re in, people tend to be more friendly and even “wave” at you for no reason? The Mike & Carla Morning Show found this out this morning about our neighbors to the north in the state of Utah!

For some reason, those that live in the state of Utah seem to have this need to wave at you whether you know them or not. For a few people visiting, this can catch you a little off guard and gets you to start wondering as to why they do this!

That’s what happened to one guy visiting the Beehive State who was originally from Philadelphia! In fact, it happened enough that he had to call he’s buddies back east telling that they would never believe what these people are doing out here! THEY’RE WAVING AT ME!!!!!!!

The M&C Morning Show thought this a little odd as well, but got confirmation from a woman listening to KKLZ and living in St. George. In fact, being from Southern California originally and having lived in Las Vegas, she recently made the move up north and has already started “waving” to people she doesn’t know! She told us it’s just something they all do up there, however, one incident didn’t see the hospitality returned!

She has said that a carload of people with California plates pulled into her driveway to turn around, while she was in her front yard, so living in Utah, she thought she would give them the traditional “wave” like everyone does and in return, let’s just say the people in the car were not ready to reciprocate! In fact, the people in the car “flipped her off”! HOW RUDE!

Well, listen to the segment from this morning and hear for yourself…maybe it’s something we should start here in Nevada?

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