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The latest challenge on social meeting that is driving people crazy at local Goodwill outlets…it’s called “Good Will Hunting”! The Mike & Carla Morning Show started talking about this morning where people are starting to invade local Goodwill stores looking for hidden cash!

What people have started to do is go into a Goodwill store, rifle through the pockets of clothing, going through the pages of old books or even album covers looking for hidden cash. To be honest, we’ve all done it, left money in pockets of pants and shirts that we ended up donating.

What happens? Someone ends up buying the clothes, the first time they put ’em on, they check the pockets and blamo…you find forgotten cash!

Well, now more and more people are doing it at the store without buying the clothes, just going through the clothing…in fact one woman found over $600 in a suit pocket! Others are headed to old book stores hoping for the same reward! Spend a little time in hopes of a nice cash reward…if you have the time, why not right?

Carla Rea talked about her employment at a local cleaners up in Reno…and the same thing. She would go through the pockets to make sure they were empty and every once in awhile, she would end up with enough cash for the weekend party night with her friends!

Now we admit, not the most honorable way to make a couple of bucks, but in a time when some have to do what they have to do to get by, it’s not breaking any laws at this point in time. And in the end, who knows, you might actually see something that you like or a pair of pants that actually fit!

Either way, listen to the details on this story and others in this segment of “A Few Things We Think You Should Know” on The M&C Morning Show…and enjoy!

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11 Vintage-Style Gamer Tees That Will Give You Some Major Nostalgia

If there’s something here you decide you just must have, we’ve provided links to the product websites.  When you click on the link and make a purchase, Beasley Media Group may earn a commission. We are an Amazon Associate and earn from qualifying purchases. 


Today’s kids will never know the struggles of seeing some very low-grade video game graphics and thinking it was the coolest thing in the world. Or the times when you couldn’t get the game to load so you had to blow into the console and the game and pray that it was just some dust stuck in it making it run poorly. Being a gamer is different nowadays, with incredibly cool and elaborate systems and setups, and while we absolutely love that we also like to reminisce around here. So here are some vintage-style gamer tees that will absolutely give you some major nostalgia. 

  • 1) 8-Bit Super Mario Bros Tee

    Remember when the OG Mario games were in 8-Bit? Super Mario Bros was definitely a fan favorite game growing up, and this shirt just says it all. It’s available in a few different sizes.

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  • 2) Nintendo 64 Shirt

    While the Nintendo 64 system came out in the mid-90s that was still over 25 years ago and still nostalgic enough. This shirt has some pretty great graphics though!

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  • 3) Space Invaders Tee

    Okay, when we saw this we immediately said “NO WAY!” Space Invaders is definitely high on the list of classic video games we loved growing up. Now you can grab a shirt to reminisce about it in sizes Small through 5XL. 

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  • 4) Atari Tee

    If you were lucky enough to have your parents buy you an Atari you were easily the favorite house on the street. We still have memories of playing Pong, Frogger, Gravitar, etc. 

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  • 5) SEGA Gamer Tee

    The SEGA systems were incredible. Somewhere tucked away in all of our many boxes is a SEGA Genesis console that definitely could be put in a museum. The second we saw this shirt we knew we had to add it to this list. The cool SEGA-like script is exactly the kind of gaming tee we need.

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  • 6) Ms. Pac-Man Logo Tee

    Okay, Ms. Pac-Man was in fact one of the best games growing up. That game was one where you could sit for hours and just keep playing it. So when we saw this tee we knew it was getting added to the list immediately. This definitely has us feeling like it’s 1981. 

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  • 7) Super Mario Vintage Tee

    I mean you can’t talk about vintage video games without mentioning Super Mario. This tee is available in sizes Small through 3XL.

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  • 8) Mortal Kombat Flawless Victory

    Another great old-school video game! I mean let’s face it you can totally hear the “flawless victory” in your head, right?

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  • 9) Sonic The Hedgehog Tee

    We love the graphics on this Sonic The Hedgehog tee. It has a cool vintage look and that’s exactly what we’re looking for.

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  • 10) Keep It Classic Tee

    This is definitely for all of you classic gamers. Keep it classic with this awesome tee. It’s available in sizes Small through 5XL.

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  • 11) Bonus: Old School Arcade Game

    This retro oldschool arcade shirt hits us right in the nostalgic feelings. This would make an awesome gift for any holiday or occasion.

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