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When they say, “once a cheater, always a cheater” is that really true? That’s what one listeners is going through right now…so, The Mike & Carla Morning Show put the question to other listeners this morning hoping for a little insight!

A woman had emailed The M&C Morning Show admitting that her husband was caught cheating, but now that they’re trying to work things out, her friends and family are telling her that she should dump the guy! On the other hand, she says that over the past couple of weeks since being caught cheating, he is home, spending quality time with her and more importantly, their children!

Her family and friends have told her that “once a cheater, always a cheater” and that he will do it again, it’s not worth the effort and she should just walk away! But is that really true…once you catch your spouse cheating, they’ll apologize, say all the right things, yet end up doing it again?

The phone and text lines blew up this morning and it just wasn’t women calling or texting in to support their “sister” in distress, but a lot of guys called in and admitted their mistakes. Was it worth it? Did they end up losing everything? From some of the guys that called in, they seemed very forth coming, sincere and each one said that after their one mistake, they re-committed to their marriage and have moved on in a better and more loving union.

It got pretty deep at points during the segment, but if you would like to hear some of the calls and comments, click “play” below and listen for yourself. You might be surprised by the responses…on the other hand, the women, not so forgiving! But that might be a topic for another morning…enjoy!

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5 Cute Autumn Date Ideas

Time to start planning the perfect autumn date night for you and your partner with these fall-inspired ideas. The fall season brings out unique date ideas that the summer or winter months just can’t offer, so what are you waiting for? You got a date to plan.

  • 1. Going to a Pumpkin Patch


    A pumpkin patch is a fun way to have a fun day full of activities. Most pumpkin patches offer hayrides, apple picking, and picking up some local decadent treats such as apple donuts to take home. You can also head on down to the petting area to catch a quick photo op with you and one of the cute farm animals. This chill date will have you and your boo having tons of fall fun.

  • 2. Having a Scary Movie Marathon


    Grab your coziest blanket and have a scary movie marathon. This date idea is perfect for indoors by the fireplace or a romantic outdoor setting under the stars.  Check out some movies to add here!

  • 3. Hanging Out at a Cidery or Brewery


    You know the local cidery you’ve been wanting to visit, now is the perfect time to check it out! Unwind over a red apple cider or cinnamon-rimmed pumpkin beer to fully bask in the fall experience. These drinks are custom to the season so be sure to grab one before it’s over. Also, many cideries and breweries offer non-alcoholic beverages to try! Drink responsibly.

  • 4. Relaxing at a Bonfire

    End your night by cozying it up by the bonfire. The crisp autumn breeze and warmth of the fire make the perfect date night atmosphere.

  • 5. Tailgating or Watch a Football Game


    For the couples that enjoy excessively yelling at a TV screen when the QB gets sacked or like being around other fans at the stadium who enjoy the sport, watching the game is a perfect way to connect as a couple. Whether you’re rooting for the same team (or for your partner’s team to lose) as long as you’re rooting for each other it’s a win, win.