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When’s the last time your kids asked if they could borrow your old Rolling Stones t-shirt thinking they would look cool? The Mike & Carla Morning Show brought this up and were amazed how many kids are lovin’ these old rock-n-roll t-shirts! Just so you know, it doesn’t even matter if they’ve ever heard their music or seen the band in concert!

According to an article in “The Wall Street Journal” , (read the first part of the article, but for the entire piece, they require a subscription) they just did a big write-up on how old band logos are trending right now. They talked to a dad who was all excited when his 17-year-old daughter bought a Rolling Stones shirt and a Metallica shirt.  But then she couldn’t name a single song by either of them.

They also talked to a middle school teacher in St. Louis who sees shirts like that every day.  He said it’s always a let-down when the kids aren’t actually fans.

You might ask yourself, how is this happening? Well, one reason is because big retailers sell them now, like Urban Outfitters and Walmart.  They all carry these rock-n-roll t-shirts featuring every genre of music and kids are loving it…not too mention a new survey found it really trendy with young people.  25% of Americans have worn a shirt for a band they weren’t familiar with.  For people under 30, it’s 41%.

When it came down do it, which bands still had the cool shirts that were still selling like hot cakes…AC/DC, Aerosmith, Queen, Pink Floyd, and Green Day.  So next time your kids ask to borrow your favorite rock shirt, don’t be at all surprised…it might be a little worn out, shrunk a bit and doesn’t fit like it used to, but your kids LOVE ‘EM!

Get all the details on this and other stories in this edition of M&C’s “A Few Things We Think You Should Know“…and enjoy!

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