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There is now a guy who’s video went viral on social media giving his date, the “first date” exit quiz to see if he passed! The Mike & Carla Morning Show actually thought this was a pretty good idea and decided to put it to the test.

If you think about it, after all is said and done, wouldn’t you want to know if there was going to be a second date or not instead of just being “ghosted”? Heck yeah! So, The M&C Morning Show put it out there if anyone wanted to take the test whether that first date was over this past weekend or maybe a couple of months ago.

One guy actually took the test, and although he ended up marrying the girl, he just wanted to know, based on our quiz, how he’s date measured up…clearly a different perspective on the “first date” quiz!

On the other hand, one young lady called in to talk about a random phone call she got from a guy thinking he was calling the girl he just went out with on a first date! He wanted know how he did, if she had a good time and if there was a possibly a chance at date number 2.

Playing along, she even admitting to changing her voice a bit to be a little sexy sounding…she gave him high marks and even lead him to believe that he had a chance at a second date! As cruel as this sounds, she did come clean to let him know it was the wrong number. But it does beg the question if he dialed the wrong number or he’s original date gave him the wrong number which would be her way of saying “no” to date number 2.

Either way, listen to the segment, compare your answers to your most recent first date and enjoy!

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Worst Food To Order On A First Date

Headed out on that first date? Just a few things you might want to know before you sit down to a nice dinner. 2,000 people were polled to find out the worst food to order on your first date. So, if you’re thinking the date is going nowhere and the chances of seeing this person again is slim to none, then these dishes should be on your list!

The Mike & Carla Morning Show also talked about where your car has the most germs…and you might be surprised! All that and a lot more in this edition of “A Few Things We Think You Should Know!”

  • #5 A Plate of Oysters

    Do you really want to be sitting across from someone slurping their food all night?

  • #4 Corn On The Cob

    Nobody wants to see you picking corn out of your teeth all night!

  • #3 BBQ RIBS

    Between the BBQ sauce all over your fingers and your face, not really the dish to order on the first date!

  • #2 Spaghetti

    Unless you think the date is with “Lady & The Tramp”, avoid spaghetti at all costs! It’s just messy…spoon or no spoon!

  • #1 Spicy Curry

    Although there’s a lot of people who favor a good bowl of curry, aside from clearing your sinus problems, this is the #1 dish to avoid on that first date!