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Who knew that when looking for some great BBQ and “live” music, it was as close as hitting downtown on Main Street here in Las Vegas! I have to admit that after all the years of living in Las Vegas, it had been a long time since my wife and I made our way down to Main Street!

A couple of friends had talked us into making our way to downtown on a Friday night and with not much going on the next morning, we thought why not? Having kept up with the renovation of Main Street over the years, it wasn’t unusual to head down there to walk around briefly going in and out of some of the antique shops. However, not going out very much lately, to head down there on a Friday night for some great food and “live” music wasn’t ever on the top of our list.

That all changed a couple of weeks ago when Jodi and I had the change to experience “Soul Belly BBQ” located at 1327 S Main St! Don’t get me wrong, I love meat and when I walked through the gates at the entrance into the restaurant itself and saw the menu on the wall…I told my friends I might need a minute!!!!

I decided it might be smart to go with just the BBQ Basic sandwich, with brisket as the meat of choice and a side of Mac-n-Cheese…now I know that seems quite conservative, but it was my first time here and I just wanted to tip my toe in the water at this point.

Gotta be honest…clearly the water was fine! After scarfing that down in a matter of minutes, I was back in line for another order and this time I thought I would go big or just go home! Here we go, it time to order the “All The Meats” feast and share the wealth!

After feasting for a couple of hours, we noticed the band loading in through the back door and made the decision to hang tight to hear what they had to offer…again, we were not disappointed! I should also mention that the staff at Soul Belly BBQ is awesome. From the moment you walk in to order to bellying up to the bar for a refreshing “pop” or two! Hands down, a second visit is already in the works…and if you haven’t been down to Main Street lately, don’t wait to long…it’s great! And if you’ve never been to Soul Belly, try to make it and create your own “Soul Belly” adventure!

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Ranked: 15 Best Barbeque Spots In Las Vegas

Grab your bibs and wet naps because it’s about to get a little messy. When out of towners think of Las Vegas they think of gambling, entertaining shows and hot weather but what they’re forgetting is all of the great eats the city has to offer.

Vegas has been expanding it’s culinary landscape for the past decade by bringing in more restaurants, upping it’s recipe game and importing some of the best chefs in the world. Barbeque restaurants are staple in any city but do the plates in Vegas taste like home? We’re glad you asked.

From saucy ribs, smoked brisket, pulled pork, roasted creamed corn and sweet coleslaw are just a few decadents the Vegas BBQ lifestyle has to offer. If this town does anything, it’s not skipping out on their delicious meats and sides.

So who truly has the best barbeque eats in town? Well, there’s a lot that goes into discovering the very best. Three things were looked when gathering this data: Price point, hours of operation and Google reviews based on a five-star rating. One star equals not the best and five stars means the restaurant is amazing. We added dollar signs to showcase if the restaurant is cheaper or expensive. The more dollar signs, the more expensive the restaurant. We added the hours of operation to show who stays open more days of the weeks and who stays open late.

It’s nice to know who stays open for all of those late night barbeque cravings. Yes, we’re just as guilty.

With sauces and rubs passed down through family recipes to going home full, our digital department scoured the internet to find the best barbeque restaurants in and around the Las Vegas valley. And yes, Henderson is just as much a player in the bbq games than one might presume. We hope you enjoy the list, and if you agree, let us know on social media.