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It is going to be a big weekend in Las Vegas for food lovers, or “foodies,” and boy do I love food! All kinds of food! Italian, Greek, Asian, American, fusion, food trucks, oh my! It’s all good, and I love trying new things.

One of my favorites is the Las Vegas Greek Food Festival, which takes place this year at St. John the Baptist Greek Orthodox Church, September 23, 24, and 25. Most Greek restaurants serve “dolmathes,” which are grape leaves filled with rice and spices, rolled up, and sprinkled with lemon. But at this event, you can get them with ground beef, rice and spices. Definitely a “go to” for me each year. I also love the Greek salad and an order of the grilled lamb chops with fries. My mouth is already watering. To see the menu and get more info about this event, you can click here.

With a name like Martino, you can tell I am of Italian descent, so the bi-annual San Gennaro Feast is another one of my favorites. This Italian, Sicilian, & International food and music festival will be held at the M Resort & Casino this year. It is also being held September 21-25, so in order for me to attend this festival and the Greek Food Festival, I am going to have to go to one on Saturday and one on Sunday. But it will be worth it to get all of my favorites like sausage and peppers, meatball sandwiches, all different styles of pizza, and more. I’m loosening my belt as I speak. For more info about this event, you can click here.

And not to be outdone, this year’s Great American Foodie Fest is also happening the weekend of September 23-25. It has been moved to Craig Ranch Regional Park in North Las Vegas. Do I dare try to make it a “foodie trifecta” and hit this festival on Friday night? Of course! For more information about this event, you can click here.

What a weekend! I hope I don’t need to buy a new wardrobe after all this fun.


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Greek Food Festival with Wendy Rush- 09.27.2019