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A 4.4 magnitude earthquake hit 30 miles east-southeast of Littlefield, Arizona at approximately 3:18pm on Monday (September 19, 2022). Folks in St. George, Utah, which is 31 miles north of the epicenter, reported feeling the disturbance. There were even reports of people feeling the quake as far away as Mesquite, Nevada.

According to, some people reported that they felt it for only a few seconds while others said the shaking was so noticeable that is woke up their sleeping cats and dogs. The largest earthquake felt in that area occurred in 1992 when a 5.8 magnitude shaker hit the region.

So far there have been no reports of damage or injuries.

For more detailed information about this earthquake from the United States Geological Survey, click here.

Have you ever experienced an earthquake? I lived and worked in Southern California for over seven years before moving to Las Vegas in 1994. During that time, we experienced quite a few earthquakes and aftershocks. Some minor ones would make you look at the blinds or hanging light fixtures to see if you were experiencing dizziness or an actual trembler. However, a couple of them were quite serious and we were living very close to the epicenter. Those were scary!

The first one occurred in the late 80s and I remember while it was happening I looked out of the window of my office to determine what was going on and I actually saw the asphalt of the parking lot rippled with waves like watching the waves roll in on the ocean’s shore. Yikes!

The second one occurred during the early 90s while we were sleeping in our home and it woke us out of a deep sleep. It was so loud that it sounded like a freight train was rolling through our house. We actually had to shout at each other to be heard as we hit the floor and covered up. Pictures from the walls hit the floor and we lost some glass knick-knacks during that one. Fortunately, no one was hurt.

We moved to Las Vegas shortly thereafter.


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Weirdest Weather Events That've Happened In Las Vegas, Clark County

This year, Las Vegas has seen its most intense monsoon season in over a decade.

According to the National Weather Service, we haven’t received over an inch of rainfall since 2015. This year, Las Vegas received 1.28 inches of rainfall. And this abnormal weather has come with some dire consequences.

Recently, two people were found dead in a flood channel after intense rainfall in the region, according to 8 News Now.

Along with this horrible situation, social media lit up with tons of videos that showed water pouring from the ceilings of casinos or gushing through the streets of The Strip.

But the extreme flooding isn’t the only weather anomalies that have been plaguing the region. According to National Public Radio, cities such as Phoenix, Las Vegas and Houston have set heat records almost every summer.

Tornados have even been happening in the region. The NWS reports that since 1950, there has been 42 reported tornados in Clark, Lincoln and Mohave Counties.

With all of these floods and weather occurrences happening, it’s important to know if your living area is prone to flooding. Click HERE to see if your home or property is located within a flood zone.

There’s also a few steps you can take to protect your property if a flash flood warning is sent out.

  • Check your homeowners insurance because most of them do not cover floods.
  • Get sandbags just in case.
  • Place items above your home’s flood line.
  • Flood insurance takes an average of 30 days to kick in.
  • Always have an emergency kit with non-perishable goods, water and a flashlight

You also need to be weary of your vehicle’s safety when it comes to flash floods. A few seconds can lead to a whole road becoming inundated, which is bad news for your car. Here are some tips to help you navigate flood waters, so you can stay safe and keep your car protected!

  • Don’t drive through flooded roads or around barricades (if they’re set up).
  • Six inches of fast moving water can sweep a vehicle off the roadway.
  • Keep your car in first gear with the revs high if you’re stuck in standing water.
  • If you’re in the middle of standing water and your car stalls then either turn it back on as fast as you can or don’t do it at all. You want to avoid your car from “hydrolocking.”
  • Try to park your car on the highest part of the road if officials issue a flood warning

Since Vegas is experiencing some funky weather amid this monsoon season, here’s a list of the “weirdest” weather events that’ve happened in Las Vegas!

  • When It Snowed In Las Vegas, Making A Winter Wonderland In The Desert

  • Slightly Apocalyptic: Grasshoppers Invaded The Vegas Strip

  • A Casual Tornado At The Luxor Pool

    Dust devil hits pool goers at Luxor Resort & Casino

    A powerful dust devil brought pool day at a resort on the strip to a halt, one pool goer captured the aftermath.

  • Thunderstorm Murdered 700 Cows

    According to the Las Vegas Sun, a complex thunderstorm developed over northeast Clark County. This caused a massive flood that killed over 700 cattle at a dairy farm.Cows

  • Operation Save The Animals

    The snowiest winter in Nevada was in 1948-1949, according to the Las Vegas Sun. Due to an influx of snow, a large airlift operation was initiated to get stranded livestock from northern and eastern Nevada. However, it was too late for 25% of the animals.

    Cattle and helicopter