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So here’s an interesting story:  An Instagram model named Sumner Stroh posted a TikTok video the other day where she claimed she had a year-long affair with Adam Levine.

Then, a few months after they broke it off, he hit her up and said this:  “Ok serious question. I’m having another baby and if it’s a boy I really wanna name it Sumner. You ok with that?  DEAD serious.”

That was the topic of conversation on The Mike & Carla Morning Show this morning…now keep in mind, Adam and his wife Behati Prinsloo have been married since 2014.

It was just revealed earlier this month that they’re expecting their third child. Now, Sumner claims she did NOT come forward for publicity . . . but because a friend she thought she could trust was trying to sell the story to a tabloid.

So, the question this morning: If you were in the same situation, would that bother you? Even beyond that, would it bother you if your better half asked if you could wear the same cologne as her ex because she liked the smell? That came up as well since clearly this happened with Mike O’Brian and his wife Jodi! So, Mike called her to put her on the spot…you should hear her explanation!

Nonetheless, the segment got a huge response, but the line had to be drawn somewhere. Since it was someone that Adam allegedly had an affair with, asking her if he could name his new baby after her, well that seemed to be where a lot of people drew the line!

Listen to the segment and you decide…better yet, see if you are even close to being in the same conversation. Maybe it’s the same restaurant he or she would go to with their ex, maybe the same hotel…either way, would that bother you? Listen and enjoy!

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