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There is a new hotel possibly coming to the Las Vegas strip. The new resort is planned for the corner of Polaris Avenue and Quail Avenue, just south of Allegiant Stadium. News3lv reported that the new project will be called Nuance Las Vegas Hotel & Spa at Allegiant Stadium. New Angle Development is the company behind the project. The hotel is being described as a full-service hotel and day spa that will also offer a restaurant, ballroom and convention hall. The top floor will have a rooftop bar complete with kitchen and terrace. The hotel will have 19 floors with 340 rooms and four floors of parking. The project is well-planned in its location. It will cater to guests that are in town specifically to attend an event at the stadium. So concert or event-goers will not have to cross the freeway to the strip to enjoy the typical Vegas amenities.

The New Angle Development website describes the project in more detail: “New Angle Development is developing a tactfully positioned, independent, full-service hotel and spa within the newly designated Allegiant Stadium district just south of the new Las Vegas Raiders’ stadium. The location and property are intended to fulfill and exploit the lack of any existing non-gaming, non-smoking, full-service, boutique-sized properties providing an alternative experience to the typical massive Las Vegas hotel casino offerings. The property is proposed as an attractive option for stadium event attendees, press members, performers, families, and their staffs, as well as corporate conference attendees for many corporate events proposed scheduled at the stadium. Envisioned as a well-appointed destination property featuring a high-end spa, restaurants, meeting venues, significant fitness facilities, and other outlets coupled with truly attentive full-service management, the property will also be positioned to attract non-event-related visitors and locals seeking a retreat from the masses and debauchery or limited services offerings that represent the bulk of Las Vegas hospitality.”

The proposal for the project will go to the Clark County commissioners on October 4.

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Items You Can NOT Take From Your Hotel Room

If you’re traveling anytime soon, some of the things you should NOT take from your hotel room since it’s considered “stealing”! Although a lot of us think we can take anything and everything, hotel have drawn the line on items that we took for granted!

The Mike & Carla Morning Show made it a point to bring up an article in Reader’s Digest that talked about those items you can and can’t take. C’mon, let’s be honest, we’ve all stuffed just about everything from the hotel bathroom in our suitcase…from shampoos to towels…but guess what? These items as well might be off limits moving forward depending on the hotel you stay in.

If you think about it, what is the one thing you’ve taken from your room over the years?  Bars of soap, shoe polish, sewing kits, maybe a pair of slippers? Heck, most people will bring an extra bag just for the stuff in the room. Well, The Mike & Carla Morning Show brought this up and the guilt complex started to set in.

Now when you talk about “stolen” items, believe it or not, robes is not the number one item…I know, shocking right? Now there are a few thing you actually can take with out feeling guilty like the shampoo, soap as we had mentioned earlier. You can also take the pen and paper with letterhead on it that’s in the hotel desk…but you can’t take the entire desk itself!

Anything you get as labeled “complimentary” you can also feel free to pack away in your luggage as you leave…but that’s about it right now. I know, a lot of us assume everything is up for grabs when we check in, but believe it or not, hotels are cracking down!

It’s all in this morning’s segment of “A Few Things We Think You Should Know”…but if you want to find out the Top 3 things you can NOT take, and we have no doubt #1 will SHOCK (shock) you, just scroll down and enjoy!

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    Wooden Hangers

    Natalia Shishkova via Getty Images

    Although a lot of people might think these are “complimentary”, they’re NOT! Putting them at #3 on the list!


    Hotel Clock

    DoroO via Getty Images

    Again, not something you can just take from the room…but clearly more and more guests are! Maybe that’s why it comes in at #2?



    Saowaluck Voraprukpisut via Getty Images

    Here’s the one question…WHY? Why would you want to take the sheets and linens from a hotel room? We’ve all heard the stories, but needless to say, it tops the list of items that hotel guests steal the most!