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Nevada is a great place to see wild various types of wildlife, including wild horses. In fact, we have the highest population of wild horses and burros in the nation. If you travel to the high desert parts of northwestern Nevada, you’re bound to run into some. But it is in eastern Nevada where the wild horses have most recently been in danger. Earlier this year, Nevada state authorities from the Bureau of Land Management put out a five thousand dollar reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of a suspect. An unknown person or persons shot five wild horses in Nevada about 70 miles east of the Utah border. The shooting happened in November 2021 and no leads have been found yet. The bureau raised the reward recently to ten thousand dollars as authorities get more desperate for any information.

Fox5Vegas reported on this story, saying “Four horses, including one with an aborted fetus attached, were found dead within 600 yards (550 meters) of each other on Nov. 16 in Jakes Valley about 30 miles (48 km) west of Ely and 2 miles (3.2 km) south of U.S. Highway 50. A fifth horse was still alive but wounded so severely it had to be euthanized, the U.S. Bureau of Land Management said. The horses, with ages ranging from about 18 months to six years, were killed on or about the day a member of the public reported their discovery on Nov. 16, the bureau said.”

Earlier this year, four separate shootings were also being investigated by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. Those crimes happened in the Red Rock Canyon and authorities don’t believe the incidences are related to the shooting on November 21. Anyone with information about these shootings is urged to call the BLM crime hotline at 1-775-861-6550.

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Top 5 Hardest Working States: Where's Nevada

This weekend we observe Labor Day and the question you have to ask yourself is have you been working hard or hardly working? The Mike & Carla Morning Show found out that when it comes to the “hardest working states”, Nevada didn’t even break the Top 10! WalletHub recently put out an article ranking the all 50 states and running down “hardest working states.” 

Now keep in mind that on average, Americans put in more hours at work than people in a lot of other countries. If you do the math, the average in the U.S. was 1,791 hours last year . . . so get the calculator out and you figure that’s about 36 hours a week, and if you take two weeks off a year.

Don’t put the adding machine away yet, because if you total everything out, that’s still about 25% more than what people work in countries like France, Germany, or even in the U.K. But a little less than our friends south of the border!

But when you start thinking about it, which state is considered the “hardest working state” in the country…well first, I can tell you that Nevada is not one of them. In fact, Nevada didn’t even come close to cracking the Top 10.

On the other hand, we weren’t last…that distinct honor is held by the great state of New Mexico. Other states ranking at the bottom of the list, Rhode Island, New York, Michigan and then West Virginia! Where does Nevada rank? Actually, Nevada comes in at #37!

The annual study ranked all 50 states based on things like employment rates, hours worked, average commute, and how much free time people have in general…clearly we have a lot of free time here in Nevada!

So what are the “hardest working states” in the country? New Hampshire, Virginia, and even Oklahoma all ranked in the Top 10, but what are the Top 5? Listen to the segment from this morning featuring a “Few Things We Think You Should Know”, then scroll down to see if your state made it into the Top 5 of the “hardest” working states in America!

  • #5 TEXAS


    klenger/via Getty Images

    Being the biggest state in the contiguous union, clearly they also put in the hard work in Texas to make it #5 on the list of “hardest working states!


    South Dakota

    klenger/via Getty Images

    Even though this state doesn’t boast a huge population, comparatively, clearly they put in the hard work in South Dakota to make it #4 on the list of “hardest working states!






  • # 3 NEBRASKA


    dk_photos / via Getty Images

    Being in the Great Plains of American, these people in Nebraska are committed to working long hours…maybe that’s why this state comes in at #3 on the Top 5 list!

  • #2 ALASKA


    dk_photos / via Getty Images

    Thee biggest state in our country and the last frontier as some would say, but needless to say, the people of the great state Alaska work hard making it #2 on the list!


    North Dakota

    dk photos/via Getty Images

    No matter what you think of the Dakotas, when it comes to working, they are putting in the hours and doing it! North Dakota is #1 on the list of “hardest working states” in America!


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