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This event isn’t for everybody; but it IS for “Lovers of the Strange, Unusual, and Bizarre…”

It is the “Oddities And Curiosities Expo” happening Saturday September 17th in The Expo at World Market Center. The show will take place in the South Hall, 435 South Grand Central Parkway from 10am-6pm.

This is a unique traveling event which showcases vendors and darks artists from around the nation. This is a family-friendly event, but parental discretion is advised, especially if your child or children are easily frightened. There will be food, beverages and refreshments available at the expo. And, if you are really into an event like this, you can attend the expo in costume!

Featured performers throughout the day include the Stolen Stitches Sideshow, Baby Face Reid, The Scarlet Checkers, and Brent Fiasco. The expo also features a “Museum of Marvelous Mutations” and a “Taxidermy Classroom.” There is an extra charge to enter the museum or classroom.

On-site vendors will be selling items such as taxidermy, original artwork, horror and Halloween-inspired pieces, quack medical devices, creepy clothing, odd jewelry, and more. The organizers of the expo ensure that “all the items you see at our shows are legal to own and sustainably sourced.”

The “Oddities and Curiosities Expo” made a stop in Salt Lake City last weekend. Tickets for the Las Vegas show are $10 dollars in advance and $15 dollars the day of the show. Free admission for children 12 and under. There may be taxes and fees added to the cost if you purchase your tickets through an outlet like Ticketmaster.

You can click here to see the event website. Enjoy!


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