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If you remember the story from about a month ago about the puppy found with her mouth taped shut, you’ll be happy to know the story has a happy ending. To recap, on July 20th, metro arrested Raul Carbajal, who left his 3-month old husky puppy in his Mercedes that was parked on the roof of a Las Vegas casino. The man left the puppy for two hours while he went inside the casino to gamble. The puppy was left with no water and no windows cracked. Carbajal also taped the puppy’s mouth shut so it wouldn’t attract attention. The temperature that day reached a high of 113 degrees and this car was not in a covered garage. The husky puppy was rescued after the local LVMPD got a call from the security of the hotel. Metro showed up promptly to rescue the dog and were able to retrieve it through the car’s sunroof. Metro then waited for Carbajal to return to his car so they could arrest him.

Here’s the video from that arrest, as posted on the LVMPD Twitter page on July 28.

The puppy spent some time after that ordeal in the hands of animal control, where she got treatment for the incident. About a month later, metro posted an update on their Twitter page. The little pup, now named Dutchess, found her forever home.

The name of the family was not mentioned, but it looks like little Dutchess has a new mommy and daddy and even a few big brothers. And before she went to her new home, Dutchess got to spend some time with officer Rybacki of the LVMPD, who helped rescue her that day at the Bellagio. Lots of luck to sweet Dutchess and her new family!

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