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If you have been driving around the Las Vegas roads today, you probably noticed a lot of haze in the sky. The Clark County Department of Environment and Sustainability says this is dust in the air due to high winds. The dust blew in Thursday night from a storm in the northwest Arizona area. The Clark County Department of Environment and Sustainability has issued a dust warning for Friday, September 9, and cautions anyone with respiratory issues to stay indoors. Fox5Vegas reported “According to a news release, airborne dust is a form of inhalable air pollution called particulate matter or PM, which aggravates respiratory diseases. Under windy conditions, the release states, “people with heart or lung disease, older adults and children may feel better staying indoors as much as possible because they could be at greater risk from particulates, especially when they are physically active, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.”

A press release from the Clark County Department of Environment and Sustainability explained the air quality and gave advice for those with high sensitivity. “The EPA’s Air Quality Index translates air quality data into colors to help people understand when they may experience health effects from air pollution. An AQI of 101 or more is considered a level that may be unhealthy for sensitive groups of people. Tips to limit exposure to dust include:

• Limit outdoor exertion on windy days when dust is in the air. Exercise, for example, makes you breathe heavier and increases the amount of particulates you are likely to inhale.
• Keep windows and doors closed.
• Run your air conditioner inside your house and car to filter out particulates.
• Consider changing your indoor air filters if they are dirty.
• To keep dust down, drive slowly on unpaved roads.
• Don’t take short cuts across vacant lots.
• Ride off-road vehicles in approved areas outside the urban Las Vegas Valley.
• Call Environment and Sustainability’s dust complaint hotline at 702-385-DUST (3878)

We have issued a #VegasAirQuality dust alert today. If you have breathing sensitivities:▶️ Limit outdoor exertion.▶️...

Posted by Clark County Department of Environment & Sustainability on Friday, September 9, 2022

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Top 5: Las Vegas One Of The 'Rudest' Cities In America

Well, well, guess who made the Top 5 Rudest Cities in America...Las Vegas! The Mike & Carla Morning Show was quite surprised to find out that our own city made it into the Top 5 as one of the “rudest” cities in the country!

There’s a new study out published by Preply.com which looked into the rudest cities in America . . . but they DIDN’T even ask travelers . . . instead, they talked to over 1,500 residents of the 30 largest cities in the U.S. and asked them to rate their own city on “rudeness”.

As it turns out, according to the people that live there, Philadelphia is #1 on the list! Now keep in mind that the survey was based on how people were absorbed while on their phone in public, being noisy in public places and, most importantly, refusing to let people merge into traffic! Well, needless to say, when it comes to traffic, people here in Las Vegas will tell you that we don’t know how to drive at all, much less letting people “merge”!

And we’ve all run into those people that tend to be a bit louder in public trying to show off to others how much fun than are having than those around them…let’s face it, sometimes we can all get a little obnoxious.

Now some of the other cities that voted themselves into the being one of the rudest cities in America were Detroit, who we find out can be very rude, but not enough to crack the Top 5. Our nation’s capital was also found to be very rude according to the criteria of the survey.

But on the flipside, which cities are the most “polite” cities in America? No surprise that quite a few are in the Midwest including Indianapolis, Chicago, Milwaukee and more! Even the “Mile High” city of Denver popped up on the list of “polite” cities…as well as San Diego! Of course if you think about it, you’re living in San Diego, how hard is it to be nice? But the #1 most “polite” city was Austin, Texas! Guess there is something to say about “live” music, bars and “hook ’em horns” atmosphere.

But what cities made it into the Top 5 Rudest Cities in America and where did Las Vegas end up…scroll down and find out. Oh, and enjoy the segment from The M&C Morning Show talking about it as well…

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  • #5 BOSTON

    Boston, Mass

    dk_photos via Getty Images

    Don’t think you’ll find a lot of people outside of Boston giving you much of an argument on this city coming in at #5 on the list!

  • #4 LAS VEGAS


    Las Vegas

    s-c-s via Getty Images

    A little surprised that our own citizens would call out our great city on being “rude”, but enough did to crack the Top 5 and come in at #4!


    New York City

    llucky78 via Getty Images

    As fun and exciting as The Big Apple can be, it clearly be very rude as well, putting it at #3 on the list!

  • #2 MEMPHIS


    Pontuse via Getty Images

    Wow, a little surprised by this one…known for their great BBQ, live music and fun, there must be something to this to get this city on the list at #2!


    Philadelphia, PA

    dk_photos via Getty Images

    Known as the city of “brotherly love”, don’t think it’s any big secret that this city can be a little tough. Heck, they pelted Santa Claus with snowballs at a Philadelphia Eagles game…making this #1 on the list of “Rudest Cities in America”!