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You’re out to dinner and you’re about to take a bite, but you notice that there is a “hair” hanging off the fork…what do you do? The Mike & Carla Morning Show actually talked about that this morning to see what others have done in this situation.

Mike O’Brian and his wife went out for a bite to eat late yesterday afternoon and dippin’ some chips, Mike noticed a human hair hanging from the chip. While sitting at the bar, he simply asked for a fresh bowl of dip and then had the rest of his dinner. So, the it begs the question, given the same scenario, what do you do in a situation like that? Do you ask for the check? Do you just get up and walk away, or it’s no big deal, just a hair, replace the dish and continue eating?

Now, Carla Rea had mentioned that if it’s just a hair, chances are she won’t make a big deal out of it and continue eating…but she has also found some strange items in her meals over the years and on the road.

Of course, you would think the establishment would have adjusted the check in Mike’s case, but no such luck…and according to Mike, no big deal. But do you go back to a place like that? Keep in mind that we’re only talking about a hair, it’s not like a finger was found in the salad or a rat in the pasta…oh yeah, we’ve heard all heard the horror stories.

One woman said that she found a “bolt” at the bottom of her salad…just has you wondering what the heck was happening in the kitchen when they were prepping her salad? Nonetheless, here’s the segment from this morning, listen to it, think about what you would do and enjoy!

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