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It’s as easy as taking a video of your cat saying “hello” that can get you over 2 million hits! That’s exactly what one woman did and The Mike & Carla Morning Show share the audio, so you can decide. BTW, for the record, Carla Rea pulled a pair of pantyhose over her head and blew out a candle…do you think she got over 2 million hits??? Not even close, but a feline saying “hello”, clearly everyone wants to see that!

It’s amazing these days what goes viral and what doesn’t! Just when you think you know…you don’t! And you have to give it to Carla Rea, going out and actually being able to buy pantyhose, bringing them into the studio, pulling them over her head and trying to blow out a candle, all for the sake of “radio fun”!

Oh well, if you’re an animal lover or more specifically CATS, then please take a listen to the audio from this morning and get M&C’s input on the whole cat saying “hello thing”, or you can check out the video on your own below…you decide if it’s worthy of over 2 million hits! Oh yeah, and enjoy!

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