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The wife finds a “mystery” phone number on her husband’s phone…just wondering if she should call it! The Mike & Carla Morning Show got a text from a listener asking the question if that’s what she should do. She had been noticing her husband on the phone at all hours of the night, then deleting a bunch of numbers at times. On the other hand, why is she going through his phone?

Given the fact that there might already be some problems in the relationship at this point, the trust issue is one that is hard to get back once you’ve lost it, but what does the wife do? A lot of feedback from women who thought maybe, just maybe the woman should hold onto it for the time being. Others thought a discussion should take place before she dialed the number. Talk to the husband about her concerns and see how that works out.

Whatever you think, it was an interesting situation that we’ve probably all found ourselves in at one time or another. So what would you do?  Would it help so seek counseling at this point and just forget about the number and try and move forward? Some listeners thought, when you call the number, if someone should answer, what then? What do you do? What do you say? What if it’s his boss?

So many things go through one’s mind when stuff like this happens and most the time you have thoughts of the worst possible scenario. In your mind you already think you know what’s going on when it truth, there might be a likely explanation…right? Probably not, but let’s think positive here. Whatever the case, it’s not a situation any of us would like to be in at this point in time, but the bottom line, is what to do. Listen to the segment below and afterwards, what would you really do?

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