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Have you ever searched something just for the heck of it and before you know it, you’re getting blasted with all these ads for the same product? Yesterday on The Mike & Carla Morning Show, Carla Rea had done that just mentioning a part for her toilet and like always, she started getting a bunch of ads showing up on her Social Media accounts!

Clearly you have to be careful what you search for because just talking about it can sometimes make it happen. In fact one listener texted in saying that just because she heard of M&C talking about a product, so she looked it up…well guess what? Now all of a sudden, she’s getting a bunch of ads that have to do with, of all things, “manscaping”!

Just try googling something, but be careful because if you type it in, we found out that’s all it takes. Ask one mother who’s family notice she had asked about an “adult toy” and before you know it, the kids were wondering why mom was getting all sorts of ads for, uh…”adult” stuff!

Has this happened to you? What’s the one thing you googled only to have it come back and bite you on the butt? That’s what The M&C Morning Show wanted to know this morning…one of the most for adults is porn! That’s where you have to really be careful who you’re around when you pick up your phone or share your phone with someone!

So do a quick “mind” check and go through the mental rolodex and try and remember things you’ve looked up on your phone and that’s why those ads keep popping up. If there’s a chance it might leave you a little embarrassed if someone else saw the ads popping up, DELETE!

If you have the time, listen to the segment from this morning and see if we struck a nerve this morning…and enjoy!

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