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FORT LAUDERDALE, FL - DECEMBER 06: Host Vanna White performs during the NFL Players Week 10th Anniversary on Wheel Of Fortune on December 6, 2005 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. (Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images for PLAYERS INC)

After many years, Wheel of Fortune is getting a new face life if you will. The game board that Vanna White used to go and turn the letters manually, it was later updated to screens she just touched to reveal the letters. Apparently now, the board is going more high tech! Instead of the board having multiple screens, its one big massive LED display. This was originally noticed during the set tours they give. They’re saying the new board will probably use lasers to show where Vanna needs to press on the screen.


Jennifer Lopez is not happy with something that happened at their second wedding. Apparently J-Lo sang to Ben during the reception and someone filmed it and it leaked. No reason why she’s mad, but we can only speculate that she didn’t like the way she sounded or she wanted it to be very private.


A TMZ documentary on Michael Jackson revealed that Michael used 19 different fake ID’s to obtain a bunch of prescription drugs for pharmacies. Back then, no one would have believed this was true but now, it’s very believable.


And a used Ford Escort sold for over $800,000! Why? It was once owned by Princess Diana. We have more on all these stories and more in today’s Entertainment News!