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Nebraska man Duane Hansen has broken a world record by paddling 38 miles down a river in a carved out, giant pumpkin! The Mike & Carla Morning Show share audio after the guy finished and his daughter getting very emotional telling him how proud she is of him for the huge accomplishment!

Now this is something that Mike O’Brian thinks Carla Rea could pull off very easily and set a new record paddling down the Colorado! If you think about it, Carla is compact, would fit very easily into a giant pumpkin and could easily make it down the Colorado!

On the other hand, while she very readily agreed she could fit in a “giant pumpkin”, Carla was not very excited at the idea of trying something like this, but promises to bring in a few things to demonstrate her talents tomorrow.

Not one to speculate, but if she does, you’re definitely going to want to listen in on tomorrow’s morning show to see what she has up her sleeve.  Can’t make any promises, but it should be very entertaining if anything else!