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There’s a new internet challenge called “10 accents and impressions in 60 seconds.”

The Mike & Carla Morning Show decided to put Carla Rea on the spot challenging her with this new challenge. So, Mike O’Brian picked several accents and impressions to throw at Carla– without her knowledge. Carla accepted!

So think about all the celebrities you can impersonate or the accents you think you can do and put the clock on yourself. We think it’s a lot easier said than done because once you’re on the spot, its a bit more difficult! Just think when someone asks you do any kind of voice or the impression you THINK you can do…but for whatever reason, you just can’t pull it off. Now put you on a clock and add a little pressure to the whole thing…it’s not as easy as you think!

So throw out there a Scottish and British accent, an impression of the Queen Mother, Barbra Streisand, Kim Kardashian…and with any luck, hoping for a bit of Shakira. Carla was ready for the task and up for the challenge. All she had to do was think about it, wrap her head around it and then get in her “bubble”, take a deep breath and let it roll!

For those that have never seen Carla do her “stand-up”, she can riff with the best of them and shoot off the hip if need be to keep the crowd into it. In short, Carla Rea is a pro both in the studio on the radio and “live” on stage…

Having said all that, keep in mind, knowing what Carla is capable of, we had no doubt she could pull this off…

Looking at it now – perhaps Carla shouldn’t have. Nonetheless – here it is for the world to see…however, people who called in and texted in gave Carla thumbs up on the effort and more so on the impressions & accents! Well done!