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What happens in Vegas, might stay in Vegas. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t come up again a decade later. And, in this case, it might not even stay in Vegas for long. It all depends on who’s buying. Remember ten years ago when Prince Harry from the British Royal family famously partied here? Well, a few souvenirs from that trip are now being sold at auction. The crown jewel of the sale is a Prince Harry‘s underwear. The black briefs have been in the possession of a Las Vegas stripper since 2012, who says Harry was already nude when she arrived at the infamous party at the Encore at Wynn Las Vegas. According to The Mirror, Carrie Reinhart, now known as Carrie Royale, claims Harry was naked and playing air guitar with a pool cue when he handed her his briefs. This was allegedly moments before he hugged the woman in the photo that would later make headlines all over the world.

It was a pretty smart move for Royale to wait until now to auction Prince Harry‘s underwear. Now that his partying days are a thing of the past. The married dad of two has become much more responsible now, which makes any relic of his raunchy bachelor years a piece of history. The auction began last Thursday and is planned to go until September 30, or until the bidding price reaches $1million. It is currently at $250,000. That bid came from guy in San Diego who wants the undies for a display at his strip club. Royale has listed herself as the “celebrity auctioneer” on the flyer for the auction, as seen in an article from Page Six, and is also auctioning the swimsuit and dress she wore that same night.

While Prince Harry’s underwear are turning out to be pretty valuable, I’m more interested in the story. Also according to Page Six, Royale claims while Harry was playing naked air guitar, he was using a glove to cover up his “royal jewels” and was singing Michael Jackson‘s “Beat It“. Please God let that be his “thing” that he does at home in front of Meghan. That’s all we ask. Just a little piece of the old Harry. I mean, his kids have to have SOMETHING that they accidentally walk in on that they’ll later tell their therapists. Right?

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