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We all found out early yesterday afternoon that one of music’s superstars had passed away. Olivia Newton John passed away in her home in Santa Barbara, California at the age of 73 following her long batter with cancer. Of course, best know for her role as “Sandy” in the 1978 musical “Grease”, she was so much more than that. Olivia Newton John was a singer, writer, artist, philanthropist and fundraiser!

The Mike & Carla Morning Show took time throughout this morning to pay tribute to this amazing artist and much more importantly, this incredible person. During her residency here in Las Vegas, The M&C Morning Show spent time with Olivia Newton John on the phone. They talked about her latest book, music and so much more! You could just tell that despite what she was facing, she was a very positive person!

Being one of the first major crossover artist from country to pop, Olivia Newton John had numerous #1 hits…


“You’re The One That I Want”

“Have You Ever Been Mellow”

“I Honestly Love You”


Not only did “Physical” make it to the top of the charts, it actually spent TEN weeks as the #1 song from late 1981 to early 1982! It became the highest charting single of the entire decade…that is amazing in itself seeing how much controversy surrounded this song and video.

So much controversy that Olivia Newton John told The M&C Morning Show that she had a panic attack thinking about the song, called her manager and told him she thought they should pull it! However, the manager said it was too late and that it had already been shipped to radio stations worldwide.

The next step was the making of the video! Olivia told The Mike & Carla Morning Show that her initial thought was that it should be a “fun” video about exercising! Well, as much as it was, the video, following in the footsteps of the song itself, was very controversial as well and was not to be shown in parts of the country.

So we hope you enjoy our tribute to this incredible woman and the conversation we had with one and the only OLIVIA NEWTON JOHN!