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Have high gas prices forced you to change your driving habits?

Although prices have dropped a bit since the American average topped the five dollar mark in June, they are still much higher than they were a year ago. AAA recently released a new survey  which shows than many of us have certainly made the decision to alter our driving habits and our travel plans.

According to this survey, almost two-thirds of the adults surveyed said that they have changed their lifestyle or their travel plans since March 2022. And almost a quarter of those people said they had made major changes.

According to AAA, the top 3 changes most of those surveyed have made in their lifestyles due to high gas prices include driving less (88%), combining errands (74%), and shopping and / or dining out less often (56%). Over 20 percent of those surveyed said they have delayed major purchases, postponed vacation plans this year, or put aside less money for savings. Only 2 percent of those surveyed say they have switched to driving an electric vehicle this year.

Some helpful tips that AAA gives us to help offset the high price of fuel nowadays include: keeping your vehicle in good shape with frequent inspections, keeping your tires properly inflated, mapping out your route before you hit the road to avoid backtracking and turnarounds, reducing your speed by an average of five to ten miles per hour, and only using premium gas in vehicles which require it.

If you want to find the lowest gas prices on our area, they suggest using the AAA mobile app.

Happy motoring!


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