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The name "Karen" now has a not so nice connotation

Everyone has a name or two that they could never name their child. Sonja and Darlene were so mean to me in school, so those names would forever be a big, fat NO (which is what they called me, by the way…)

A list of “once normal” baby names that pop culture has basically ruined. You might think that pop culture has no bearing on what you name your child, but I know for certain you probably never thought about naming  your child “Blanket.”

Here is a list of  “once normal” baby names that pop culture has ruined:

1.  Karen:  It’s now a meme for a specific kind of entitled woman.

2.  Mario: It’s now about 100% associated with a video game character.

3.  Chad:  Like Karen, it’s now a meme for that  “alpha dudebro”-type that was probably your college roommate that one semester.

4.  Katrina: Most hurricanes don’t ruin the human names they are given, but Katrina was not an ordinary hurricane.

5.  Hermione: It wasn’t even a real common name before “Harry Potter”, but it was considered an “exotic” option.  Now, it has a much different vibe.

6.  Adolph: Arguably, the king of negatively associated names. If you don’t get this, or understand, step away from the computer now.

7.  Siri and Alexa: They’re now associated with  digital assistants, and to use them you call them out by name.  That said, Siri was never actually “normal” name, but records show there are indeed people with this name.

8.  Dick and Fanny:  Do I REALLY need to explain??

9.  Waldo: There will always be “Where’s Waldo?” jokes.

10. Damien: Ever since “The Omen” came out in 1976, the name Damien has been connected with supernatural evil. I hate the name because of the movie! Scared me to death as a kid, and still does as an adult!

11. Guy: No specific pop culture connection, but it’s so often used as a stand-in for a boring, generic male – like, “just a guy.”

Others I think should be included: Zelda, Bart, Chucky, Felicia, and many “unique” names that celebrities give their kids. Like NorthSaintChicago and Psalm. I know – now I’m just being petty….

-Carla Rea. (I think my name is still ok…)