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The Las Vegas Metro Police Department has arrested a man responsible for endangering the life of a husky puppy. Law & Crime reported that the suspect arrested in relation to the July 20 incident is 50-year old Raul Carbajal. Carbajal left his 3-month old husky puppy in his Mercedes that was parked on the roof of a Las Vegas casino. The man left the puppy for two hours while he went inside the casino to gamble. The puppy was left with no water and no windows cracked. And it’s not like the man didn’t know he was doing anything wrong. He also taped the puppy’s mouth shut so it wouldn’t attract attention.

Can I be the first to say “what the literal”…you know what? I wasn’t there so I can’t completely comment on this man’s state-of-mind. I do know a gambling addiction is a serious thing and one might not have the mental capacity when needing to gamble to focus on things like a pet. Or maybe this creep is just heartless. Either way, it’s hard to see the video of this poor little panting pup. The husky puppy was rescued after the local LVMPD got a call from the security of the hotel. According to the address listed in the article, the hotel was The Bellagio on the Las Vegas strip. Metro showed up promptly to rescue the dog and were able to retrieve it through the car’s sunroof. Of course, the police then stuck around and waited for Carbajal to come back so they could put him under arrest.

The Las Vegas Metro Police Department released a video on their twitter page of the husky puppy rescue and the arrest of Carbajal. Watch the woman in the video talk about the state the husky puppy was found in.

The temperature that day reached a high of 113 degrees and this car was NOT in a covered garage. Thank goodness he was found in time! He is still getting medical treatment for this incident but is being well cared for by Las Vegas animal control.

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