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A study came our that “revenge games” are a real  thing when it come to professional athletes. The study shows that players play better against the team that traded them than any other teams…especially if they were just recently traded. We’re talking MLB, NFL, NBA and even soccer…and it might be true for other professions as well.

For example, if you get fired or released from one job and you end up going to work for a competitor, the chances are that you will work just a little bit harder to prove to your former employer you were worth it! If you think about it, we’ve all probably done that at one point or another…and thought to ourselves, “…just to prove that I can do the job, I’m going to work a little bit harder here than I did at the last place!” 

Not being appreciated, not getting that raised you think you deserved or the vacation time you thought you earned was turned down…we’ve all gone through it at one point or another. Well, “revenge games” can be found on all levels and all occupations!

As we all celebrate National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day today, never really even knew this day even officially existed, but it’s actually “Hooray For Kids” Day today! Not sure how you celebrate, but we’re sure your kids are involved in some way, shape or form, so play games, take them to the park or even watch a movie together!

The Mike & Carla Morning Show also talked about baby names and how pop culture has ruined a few of our favorite names! From social media to scary movies, for one reason or another, all it takes is one incident or an evil character and the name gets dropped from all the “favorite” lists whether it’s a boy or a girl!

All that and much more in this edition of “A Few Things We Think You Should Know”…so listen to the segment and enjoy!