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For those that have been in a long marriage or even those people who are thinking about taking the big leap of love, we come to find out that the secret to a successful relationship is the “2-2-2” rule! If you’re a fan of Reddit, they’ve been talking about this rule for quite awhile, but it all came out in an article in The New York Post as to the guidelines of the “2-2-2” rule and what each “2” meant.

The Mike & Carla Morning Show ran down all the info for you, so here it is…

  1. Here’s what the first “2” means: You should plan a date night every two weeks. No matter how long you’ve been together, you want to keep that electricity alive in your relationship, then make sure you have a “date night” every two weeks. That means just the two of you…not you two and a group of friends!
  2. The second “2” means: Plan a getaway weekend every two months! That’s right! It doesn’t have to be extravagant, just a simple weekend getaway near or far…romantic or even just a “fun” weekend getaway. Again, doesn’t have to be “spending”, but just make sure it’s your weekend to just get out of the house and away from everything!
  3. The third “2” means: Make sure you plan at least 2 full weeks away every two years! Even if you have to tell the kids, “…it’s just mommy and daddy this time!” And make sure it’s somewhere you both can relax and just have fun!

See how easy that is? Even if you have to copy this and keep it in your wallet or a safe place, you do all three of these things and chances are you and your marriage will be able to survive anything! Oh, and living in Las Vegas…the first two “2’s” shouldn’t be that hard to plan and stay on schedule. Think of all the places to plan a “staycation”!

Of course, being that close to SoCal, Cabo, or even a quick flight up to the Great Northwest, the third “2” shouldn’t be that hard to plan as well. So hope you enjoy and take advantage of this great advice…all this and a lot more in this morning’s edition of “A Few Things We Think You Should Know”!


See The Top 5 Staycation Cities In America; Is Las Vegas Number One

Is Las Vegas the number one city when it comes to “staycations?” has released its annual list of the best staycation cities in America.

They looked at 44 key metrics that are broken down into three categories: Recreation, like parks and pools . . . food and entertainment, including bars and attractions . . . and rest and relaxation, like spas and beaches. And out of 182 cities, Hawaii had the best . . . and worst. (???)

The Mike & Carla Morning Show was shocked SHOCKED that Las Vegas was NOT even in the Top 5… We actually came in at number six! Take a look at the list below and find out which cities came in the Top 5 for the Best “Staycation” Cities in the U.S.


    Portland, Maine

    [JulyVelchev] via Getty Images

    Not sure what’s happening in Portland, Maine, but clearly if there’s a weekend to breakaway, you just drive up the block and turn right to enjoy a beautiful, relaxing “staycation” making it #5 on the Best “Staycation” City in America list!


    Fort Lauderdale

    [dk photos] via Getty Images

    Why wouldn’t you want to have a “staycation” in this beautiful Florida beach city? You have the ocean, sunshine, the nightlife…all right there in your own backyard putting this city at #4 on the list of Best “Staycation” Cities!




    [Pontuse] via Getty Images

    Known as the “Second City”, Chicago comes in at #3 on the list of Best “Staycation” Cities…consider this, the beaches of Lake Michigan, the food, all the major league sports and, of course, shopping! This actually makes for a great “staycation” city…as long as you don’t go in the winter time!


    Orlando, Florida

    [dk_photos] via Getty Images

    Well, we have a pretty good reason as to why this Florida city made the Top 5…with DisneyWorld right in the heart of the city, why would you want to go anywhere else? With that said, Orlando comes in at #2 on the list of Best “Staycation” Cities in America!


    Honolulu, Hawaii

    [Manakin] via Getty Images

    I don’t think you would get an argument from anyone about this city being #1 when it comes to enjoying a “staycation”! The beaches, the surf, the scenery, and just the relaxing lifestyle gets this city the #1 ranking when it comes to the Best “Staycation” Cities in America!