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Las Vegas robbery rates have increased 30% compared to what the rate was this time last year. As reported by News3LV, the Las Vegas Police Department says selling goods on apps are a contributor to this higher crime rate. LVMPD says selling things on apps like Facebook Marketplace or OfferUp could increase your chance of being robbed. But it all depends on how you execute the sale. In an interview with News3LV, Las Vegas Police Officer Misael Perra encouraged people not to invite potential buyers to their homes. And instead suggested a public meeting place. Even in the parking lot of a local police station. Many of our local stations in Las Vegas have dedicated parking spots for this kind of exchange. Officer Parra urges people to use these public places, as having buyers come to your residence could have dangerous consequences.

A Las Vegas robbery of this sort happened recently to resident Jeffery Chen. Chen was out of town on a business trip and arranged the sale of his $15K Rolex with a buyer on Facebook Marketplace. Chen’s girlfriend was home and was asked by Chen to handle the exchange. According to the News3LV interview with Chen, the girlfriend asked the buyer to come in to the house. Even when the man showed reluctance, she insisted. The man looked around the house suspiciously and then asked for receipts of authenticity for the watch. Shortly thereafter he ran out the front door with the merchandise. When the girlfriend chased him into the awaiting car, there was a second man holding a gun. Luckily, Chen’s girlfriend was not hurt but the merchandise was lost.

Officer Perra says the Las Vegas Metro Police Department gets several calls everyday about this kind of Las Vegas robbery. Perra suggests asking someone to meet in a police station parking lot. If the buyer declines, consider that a red flag!  It’s a simple remedy. NEVER do business with an unknown buyer or seller in a private location. It makes it too easy to become a victim of crime, or worse. Stay safe, Las Vegas!

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Las Vegas Is One Of The Top 5 Places To Cheat This Summer

Well, Las Vegas is called Sin City for a reason. . .  I guess.

According to Ashleymadison.com, the hot summer weather makes people want to step out and hook up more than the other seasons. It’s no secret that Vegas is the land of having the ultimate bachelorette and bachelor parities, which usually is associated with — unfortunately — cheating.

But you would be surprised because Vegas wasn’t the top city when it comes to cheating on your partner. So, where does Las Vegas rank in terms of how often infidelity happens? Las Vegas ranks at #4 on a recently published list of the Top 20 cities in the U.S.A. to cheat on your partner.

And let’s just say that I was surprised when I saw #5. Take a guess because we would never get it. At #5 is Cincinnati.

Really? Cincinnati at #5?  OK then.

The website goes on to surmise that the COVID-19 Pandemic has caused many people to want more than what monogamy has to offer them. According to their press release, “Ashley Madison is the leading married dating website,” so they must know something about what they are talking about.

It’s slightly relieving to see another city take the #1 spot on this list. But, our city isn’t necessarily innocent either. We don’t want to encourage cheating, but we all know: “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!

Here is their list of the Top 10 places in America to “get your groove on.”

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